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Important: Before sending your hard earned money to any sportsbook, read this expose on the online betting industry. Click here to read or play at your own peril!


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Is Online Gambling Legal?
We get this question a lot here at Players who or want to bet online would like to know if it's legal or illegal to gamble on the [...]

Oddsmaker Scam Book
Updated Sportsbook Scam - Several player over the last few weeks have contacted us about Oddsmaker [...]

Avoid Jazz SportsBook
We have been receiving several reports from players, affiliates and ex-employees of Jazz Sportsbooks that they are owed thousands of dollars and are [...]

Beware of
This book has been slow paying and out right stiffing players for years. However, they have gone to a new low, offering bettors huge bonuses in [...]

Nicaraguan Baseball Betting
Hot dogs, apple pie, and baseball, one can’t be more American than that. But here in Nicaragua in the middle of Central America where soccer [...]

Top Bonus
Accepts US Players
More Info
 100% on every deposit up to $500
 Low odds on all major sports
 30% Bonus up to $500
 100% on every deposit up to $500
 Up to $50 in Free bet
 20% bonus on deposit of $500 or more
 100% signup bonus up to $125
 50% Free Bet Welcome Bonus

Welcome to Sportsbooks .net a portal covering the world of online sportsbooks. We offer everything you will need to know about online sports betting before you place your first wager.

From in depth unbiased reviews and rankings of all the popular online sportsbooks to odds and injury reports of all the majors sports, you will have the information you need before placing that bet.

Located in Costa Rica the Mecca of offshore sports books, Sportsbooks .net is strategically situated to deal with any dispute arising between a book and a player.

There are so many scam fly by night operations that have existed through out the years, that we wouldn't have enough space on our servers if we had to name them all on this site. That's why we highly recommend only playing with the books that are on our list since they have been in business for over 5 years with a stellar reputation and we have a strong working relationship with them.

If a company is not on our list, it's probably a questionable sportsbook and you should proceed with extreme caution.

Sportsbooks .net is updated on a regular basis with the latest news on online sport books and how to improve your betting IQ. Check out our NFL betting and college football betting section for the 2011 season with previews and football picks for every game.  So make sure you bookmark us. If you have any questions or problems with any of the sportsbooks listed here, please let us know so we will be able to help you.

Sportsbooks .net is updated on a regular basis with the latest news on online sport books, price per head companies and how to improve your betting IQ.

Ranking Criteria

In addition to the criteria we used for ranking all Sportsbooks, some other important factors an Internet player should take into account are the user-friendliness of the website, the deposit amount and range of bets accepted by the sportsbook.

Only a few of the several sites we established accounts with allowed us to log on and download the information without any significant delays. The overwhelming majority of sites proved quite cumbersome with their abundance of irrelevant information and unwanted advertising. Our extensive research concluded the more simple and straightforward websites were the most pleasurable to deal with.

Obviously, with so many choices of telephone and computer sports gaming at your disposal, it is imperative that you use discretion when choosing a service that best suits your personal needs. Our conclusion is, if you are a smaller player, sports betting online would most likely accommodate your gambling needs. However, if you desire more personal attention and prefer wagering more significant amounts of money, we suggest opening an account with a sportsbook that does business online and over the phone.


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