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The sport known as soccer to Americans and football to rest of the world is still the most popular sport worldwide. Although soccer as of yet hasn't shown to be the "fan favorite" in the U.S.A.,it has made great strides in recent years to become as popular as it is around the world. Certain players such as Pele in the 70's and more recently David Beckham have tried to help bring soccer more into mainstream America. More and more children are growing up playing soccer and this will eventually lead to the U.S.A.,"catching up"with the the rest of the world.

Rules - The basic premise of soccer is simple. One must try to move the ball across the field and score a goal by knocking the ball into the opponent's goal, without the use of ones hands or arms.

Players - A team consists of 10 players and 1 goalkeeper. Although positions vary from team to team a basic lineup consists of 3 defensive players, 2 midfielders, 3 forwards or "Strikers" and 2 "Sweepers" who generally play on the right or left side of the field between the midfielders and the forwards.

Time limits - The game is played in 2 halfs consisting of 45 minutes each. The clock continues to run for a full 45 minutes. If someone gets hurt or there is need for a stoppage, the referree keeps track of the time lost and adds it to the end of the half. This is known as injury time.

Substitutions - Each team is allowed 3 substitutions per game. When a player leaves the game he may not return. In exibition or "Friendy" games 7 substituions are allowed.

Penalties - When a player in trying to play the ball commits a foul, he is given a "Yellow Card". If the player gets 2 yellow cards in 1 game, he is the given a "Red Card" and is asked to leave the game. A "Red Card" can also be given out by the referee if he feels that the foul was flagrant or excessive. If a player receives a "Red Card" he will be suspended from the team's next game. At times teams must play short one player because of excessive fouls.

OffSides - A player may not receive a pass from an opposing player if he is behind the other team's defensive player.

Penalty Kicks - A team will be given a Penalty Kick which is a free kick, between him and the Goalkeeper if he is fouled in the Penalty area.

Soccer History

The beginnings of soccer can be traced back to medievel England but the modern game started to take shape in England in the 1860's. That is when a group of people met to establish a set of rules based on a "dribbling"game being played at Eton College.The F.A.(Football Association)was established to separate the use of hands, as done in rugby and lack of hands as in soccer. In 1863 Ebenezer Cobb Morley wrote "The Laws of The Game", which established the rules that are still being played today. For this he is considered the "Father of Association Football" or soccer. In October of 1863 representatives of several football clubs met at Freeman's Tavern in London, for the first meeting of the F.A. and 6 meetings followed which wrote down a set of rules which are being applied today with obvious modifications.

In 1867 The Youdan Cup was the first and oldest trophy to be given out and by 1872,a more organized competition known as the F.A Cup was developed. The first F.A. Cup in 1872 had the Wanderers playing the Royal Engineers in front of 2000 paying customers. Although Royal was a big favorite, there was no established rules on substitutions and when one player broke a collarbone, they played the whole match shorthaned and lost 1-0. The popularity of soccer at the club level in England led to the development of a more universal set of rules that are used today.

In 1888, William Mcgregor developed the first established league consisting of 12 soccer clubs, which would become the leagues 12 founding members. The first international competition took place between England and Scotland in 1872 and the first non-European competition was between U.S.A. and Canada on November 28 1885 with Canada winning 1-0.

Soccer was becoming so popular in the 1870's-80's that players were being paid money to play in England and Scotland. There were certain rules that had to be followed, such as a player must be born within a 6 miles radius or must have lived in that area for 2 years in order to play for a certain team. A player can only play for only 1 team a year and must register with the F.A.

The Oldest Club in Europe could be the Swiss club, Lausanne Football and Cricket Club that was established in 1860. Soccer was introduced by Engish residents in Denmark and established the Danish club K.B. In Italy, soccer was mostly regional, untill 1929 when Seria A was ceated. In Spain La Liga was formed in 1928 with teams from the Copa del Rey which becan in 1902. The German Bundesliga began in 1963,untill then it was all regional amateurs.

Soccer was brought to Argentina in 1867 by English Railway workers and the now famous La Plata team became the first soccer team in South America in 1887. The first organized championship held outside continental Europe was in 1891 in Argentina and its first pro league was in 1931. English ex-pat John Miller sent his son (Charles William Miller) to boarding school in England, when Charles returned he brought back a rulebook and equipment and played for Corinthians, a team of schoolboys. This led to the growth of soccer in Brazil and its first soccer federation in 1914, and the current format Champeonato Brazileiro in 1971.

In the U.S.,The Oneida Football Club of Boston is said to be the first soccer club to play outside of England. They created the "Boston Game" which is more closely related to soccer, untill then a mixture of soccer and rugby was played in which one could pick up the ball and run with it. The first recorded match was Princeton-Rutgers in 1869 but it was also a combination of soccer,rugby and American football. This led to the birth of "American Football". Although many early leagues were formed, the first big one was the Stl. Soccer League which ran from 1907 till 1939. In 1967 the United Soccer League and the National Professional Soccer League were created. A year lated they merged to formed the N.A.S.L. which ran until 1984. In the 80's and 90's indoor soccer became popular and led to the development of the Major Indoor Soccer League.

At the beginning of the 20th century a need for a governing body was called for and (F.I.F.A.)Federacion International de Football Association was formed in Paris. Membership in F.I.F.A expanded with the application of South Africa in 1909, Argentina in 1912,and 1913.

The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930 and the host country played Argentina in the final. They couldn't decide on what ball to use so they used an Argentine ball in first half and a Uruguayan ball in half number 2. In the first few years mostly only countries from the Americas competed but by the 1950's European's started to arrive and the World Cup began to blossom. This led to the creation of the European Championships,South America's Copa America as well as others. As of now Brazil has the most World Cup Trophies (5), followed by Italy(4), who won the last trophy in 2006.

Betting soccer

Betting soccer

Newcastle vs Arsenal Betting

Newcastle and Arsenal kick off their 2011-12 Premier League campaigns at St. James Park, as both teams split two league meetings before the Gunners enjoyed a 4-0 success in the Carling Cup. Transfer news has run rampant around both clubs

Liverpool vs Sunderland Betting

Liverpool FC and Sunderland AFC will kick off the 2011-12 Barclays Premier League against each other Saturday. Fans at Anfield will be adjusting to the new rosters for each side, as both teams were busy during the offseason

Manchester United vs Barcelona

Manchester United has enjoyed its United States summer tour by winning four exhibition contests versus Major League Soccer opponents, but the trip ends with a monumental

Seattle Sounders vs Manchester United Betting

It’s not every day that the Seattle Sounders get the opportunity to host the defending English Premiere League champions, but that’s exactly what’s going to occur on Wednesday night at CenturyLink Field. The game will be televised on Fox Soccer with the first kick

English Premier League

The English Premier League was launched in 1992 amidst a blaze of publicity. Live football was beamed into our living rooms on a much more regular basis and the face of football was changed forever. More money came into the game

Netherlands vs Spain Betting

There will be a new World Cup winner come July 11th in Soccer City, Johannesburg. After beating Germany 1-0, Spain are heading into their first final as the favorites over the Netherlands. They are listed +110 at most sports books, while the Netherlands

Algeria vs USA Betting

Group C is one of the more interesting groups for soccer fans paying close attention to the World Cup, and is not limited to England and United States fans. For the U.S., win and they are in

Slovenia vs England Betting

No matter what happens in the other game in Group C, the match up between Slovenia and England is simple: whichever team wins is advancing. A loss would keep Slovenia with four points and would give England five; a win for Slovenia would put them at seven points and keep England with two

Honduras vs Chile Betting

Chile should come into this match up as the favorite, especially after Honduras struggled mightily to qualify for the field. For Honduras, Carlos Pavon (Real Espana) and Wilson Palacios (Tottenham Hotspur) lead the way, while Chile is a more balanced team and stronger on both sides of the ball

Brazil vs North Korea Betting

If there was ever a mismatch in soccer, this would be it. Brazil is the strongest team – along with Spain – to make this year’s World Cup, while North Korea is not only the weakest team in the field by far, but also the weakest team to ever qualify for the World Cup

New Zealand vs Slovakia Betting

Any team that is stuck in the same group as Italy will be fighting for second place, and that is the case with both New Zealand and Slovakia. Realistically, New Zealand is not very good and does not have much of a chance of advancing, which makes this game much more important for Slovakia

Portugal versus Ivory Coast

Quite possibly the most important match up of the first round, both Ivory Coast and Portugal are trying to fight to determine who moves on to the next round as Brazil is a shoo in to move on, and North Korea is getting knocked out no matter what.

Italy vs Paraguay Betting

Italy will move on in this group, and is looking to repeat as champions from the previous World Cup in 2006. The Italians are the best team that nobody is really talking about, and seems to be somehow flying under the radar this year, ready to take some of the top dogs off guard

Japan vs Cameroon Betting

Cameroon is a solid African team who will be relying on one of the world’s best players in Samuel Eto’o of Inter Milan. On the other side, Japan is not particularly strong, relying mostly on domestic players and no real European talent

Netherlands vs. Denmark Betting

Don’t look now, but Netherlands is a dark horse to win the World Cup, and one of the five or so best teams in the field. While Denmark is a solid team, they won’t be able to compete because of a lack of star power. Denmark’s best chance at an attack is through Nicklas Bendtner, a big, strong forward for Arsenal

Australia vs Germany Betting

Even with the loss of Michael Ballack because of an ankle injury, Germany should win this game fairly easily. Germany is the stronger team, although Australia is riding high from their last World Cup performance

Serbia versus Ghana Betting

This is one of the most even match ups in the first round. Both Serbia and Ghana have a few world class talents, and Serbia is especially strong on defense, with Newmanja Vidic, Branislav Ivanovic and Nevan Subotic on the back end

Slovenia vs Algeria Betting

Slovenia is one of the most underrated teams in the field, while Algeria is one of the weakest teams. Expect a 1-0 or 2-0 win for Slovenia, because of their tough defense. Algeria barely qualified, as did Slovenia

England vs USA soccer betting

In another one of the most intriguing match ups of the first round, England should be a favorite over the United States and is likely to win, probably 2-1. Wayne Rooney is by far the best player on either team, and if the United States can stop him, this game might be close

Argentina vs Nigeria Soccer Betting

Argentina’s Lionel Messi could single handedly beat any team in the World Cup by himself. As such, Argentina should beat an over matched Nigeria team by a goal or two. The Argentinians are head and shoulders better than anyone that Nigeria will provide, so expect Messi to score

South Korea vs Greece Soccer Betting

This is one of the more evenly matched games in the opening round of the World Cup. While South Korea has World Cup experience, having been in the last seven events and reaching the semifinals in 2002, Greece is a team that will not go home easily, especially because it is their second ever World Cup appearance

Uruguay vs France Soccer Betting

Coming into this game, France is the big favorite, not only because they are one of the better teams in the World Cup, but also because Uruguay struggled to qualify for the field. Though France struggled to qualify, which surprised people, they should still win this game 2-0, 2-1 or 3-1

South Africa vs Mexico Betting

Heading into this match, Mexico is the better team, hands down. But you can not list them as favorites, because South Africa is the home team, even if it is their first World Cup appearance since 2002, and their third World Cup appearance ever. From a talent perspective, Mexico is overwhelming, but every host team in the World Cup has made it to the second round.

Spain vs Switzerland Betting

As one of the favorites to win the whole World Cup, Spain should have no problem beating up on Switzerland, who was embarrassed in the 2008 Euros and has made no strides toward improving as a club

FIFA World Cup 2010 Betting Preview FIFA World Cup 2010 Betting Preview

With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa in the not so distant future, teams are trying to qualify at a frantic pace for the first ever World Cup in Africa. As of the first round, 23 of the 32 teams have qualified for the world’s most prestigious soccer event, most notably Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina and Spain, who have all qualified for at least nine straight World Cup events. Both Spain and the Netherlands had cake walks to their qualifying process, finishing a combined 19-0-0 to earn their spots. Both teams are serious contenders to win it all in South Africa next year. At +500

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