Advantages of Betting Football With an Offshore Sportsbook

There are millions of sports enthusiasts betting with offshore sportsbooks, wagering billions of dollars every year. Football season, both college and professional, is by far the busiest time of the year at sportsbooks with fans wagering millions every week. Technological advances have made betting much easier and to follow I will outline some advantages to betting football with an offshore sportsbook.

Before the offshore sportsbook industry became as competitive as it is today, it was risky. Nowadays, because of this competitiveness, sportsbooks are very concerned about having a good reputation, not only to keep players, but to get new ones. Years ago, bettors didn’t know where they were sending their money or if they would ever see their winnings.

Top sportsbooks are licensed and regulated legally through the country in which they reside. This will ensure safe and secure transactions as they are monitored for quality assurance. As well, most sportsbooks are backed by deeper pockets with 24 hour a day, 7 days a week money transfers.

Another major benefit to betting with an offshore sportsbook is simply convenience. Online sportsbooks are available 24/7 allowing you to access lines, odds and any other information you may require. It allows you to browse at your leisure, on your time without having to deal with busy phone lines or having to wait to acquire live lines on games you wish to wager on right now.

Having time to make decisions on what games you want to bet on in a relaxed atmosphere will help you, enabling you to win more by placing better bets. The convenience factor is taken to another level with mobile applications giving you the option of doing everything on your mobile device as most companies have broadened their services giving bettors more options to place wagers. One such site is America’s Bookie, there, you will be able to bet on every major sport and as well as allowing you to utilize the racebook and the casino.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to betting football with an offshore sportsbook is the ability to bet in more ways than might be imaginable to the regular Joe. Not only can you place usual wagers on point spreads, moneylines and totals, but offshore sportsbooks allow you to wager on quarters, halftime and in-game betting.

On top of the different wagers that can be made on team scoring, you can also place wagers on NFL props. For example, you can bet on which team will score first in a game, the length of the longest touchdown, the margin of victory, longest field goal…the possibilities are endless. You could literally place over a hundred bets on the same game!

You can also place wagers on football futures. An example of a future would include who will win the SuperBowl or which team will win the AFC or NFC Championship. These bets can be placed prior to the beginning of the season or anytime throughout.

Most offshore sportsbooks offer bonuses to loyal members, such as the ones offered at the world’s top sportsbook, America’s Bookie. For example, bettors will receive up to 100% free bets that will be added to your account if you deposit $100 or more. As well, after the sign-up bonus, members will have the chance to acquire reload bonuses on all deposits made. A deposit of over $100 will give you a 50% free play, which can be used on the event of your choice. It doesn’t end there; if you get a friend to join and they deposit $1000, America’s Bookie will compensate you with 10% of their initial deposit. Your second friend referral will net you 15% and the third 20%.

As you can see, the advantages are endless. One last advantage is the ease of getting started; you could literally get signed up and be browsing live lines getting ready place your first wager in minutes. Even if you already use a betting site, adding another sportsbook option will allow you to obtain better lines to give you a head start on winning bets. Visit America’s Bookie registration page to get started today.