Baccarat rules

Baccarat is also known as Punto banco that you play in a different section of the casino. The table is quite the same size as that for craps and employs three dealers. A total of 12 to 14 players can play the game. In this game, there are 2 main bets that you can make. It is either the player or banker. You can also call them punto (player) or banco (bank). The other bet is the standoff that is not used often. Some casinos allow the players to deal the cards in turns. In some casinos, the dealers handle the cards. In the online version, card dealing is done automatically by the software.

The players as well as the dealer playing the game can bet on the punto or the banco. The dealer will normally (and obviously) always bet for the banco. The players can choose not to deal andin such case, they pass the shoe to the next one. The shoe stays with the player as long as the bank is winning. If punto wins, the shoe goes to the next player.

In this game, there are 2 hands dealt and you need to bet on the one that will win. You are also allowed to bet on a tie. It is quite similar to betting for red or black in the game of roulette. The payoff for this one is 1:1. In the case of a standoff, the payout is 8-1 and even 9-1. The only unique thing between the 2 bets is that if the banco wins; it will cost you 5% commission which is the house advantage that is built in the game.

Each hand will have 2 cards minimum and 3 cards maximum. The dealer will place 2 cards that are facing down and tucked under the shoe and then he will give the player the biggest bet on the punto which is the other pair of cards that are facing down.

The player for the punto will check the cards and will give it back to the dealer. The dealer will then turn the cards over and the casino dealers will make the announcements of the winner.

If both hands have the sum of 8 or 9, you call it a natural and no cards will be dealt thereafter. If the sum is not a natural, then depending on the value of the casino dealer’s hand, a third card might be needed to be dealt. The casino sets the rules on when a third card needs to be dealt. Of course when you play baccarat online at any one of the numerous online casinos, all the wheeling and dealing happens automatically and is taken care of by sophisticated gaming software that also ensures you have a real feel that mimics the audio and visual of baccarat played at a real brick-and-mortar casino.

When the dealing is done, the hand that has the biggest count is announced as the winner. The dealer who manages the payments will send the payments to the respective winners and the losing bets will be collected. The dealer who deals is not responsible handling the payouts. Like any other player, that dealer is also playing against the casino.

The rules of Baccarat

The game uses either a 6 or 8 deck shoe. In this game, the face cards and all 10s do not matter. The cards less than 10 are counted depending on their number while the ace is equal to 1. It also does not matter what the suit is. If the sum totals to 2 digits, the left digit is dropped so a total of 15 or 25 will have a value of 5.

To begin playing, the players will bet on 3 options, standoff, punto or banco. The card dealer will then be given 2 cards the player is dealt first and then the banker. The aim of the game is to bet on which hand has the highest value. The highest value is 9. In certain conditions, a 3rd card might be needed by both punto and banco depending on the set rules.

If both player and banker have a value of 8 or 9 on the first 2 cards, there is no need to draw a third card. This is called natural and the game is over. If the player has a value of 5 or lesser, a third card is drawn. If the player does not draw, the banker will stand on 6 and up. If the player takes a card, the banker, depending on rules can draw a card.

If the banco has 2, draw a third card
If the banco has 3, draw except if the player has 8
If the banco has 4, draw except is player has 0, 1, 8 or a 9.
If the banco has 5, draw if the player has 4-7
If the banco has 6, draw if player has 6-7
If the banco has 7, stand

Here is the advantage of the house:
The banker has 1.17%
The player has 1.36% the tie has 14.12% with a payout of 8:1

The game of baccarat seems complex at first but if you understand the rules, you will be able to play easily and enjoy this amazing game. Take a little time to study the game. Most online casino sites also have a free version that you can play without real money. If you can find a free game option, you might want to try it out first. The free baccarat game will help you in understanding how to play the game. If you wish to know more about the game, check various online casino sites including and – but the best way to actually learn is to play it.