Betting Heavy Favorites in College Football

Betting heavy favorites is something that’s long been debated.

Why does Betting Heavy Favorites Exist?

When betting on college football, one of the more common strategies is to back the heavy favorites. It is pretty easy to understand, and it has the potential to produce a large number of winners. However, if it were so simple, everyone would be doing it if they could. 

Backing the major favorites does not come without drawbacks, just like any other straightforward betting strategy. However, it is founded on some valid reasoning. After all, it is reasonable to anticipate that heavy favorites will win most of the time. 

That is one of the primary reasons why favorites-betting exists and has always existed. Therefore, it is realistic to presume that supporting them will result in financial gain over the long term. 

The Drawbacks of Betting on Heavy Favorites

The most significant shortcoming of this tactic is that the profit in case of success for heavy favorites is often relatively small. This indicates that your winnings are more meager than the amount you staked.

Bettors are well aware that underdogs sometimes emerge victorious in college football matches. So this would be an issue if you could always count on the favorites to come out on top. 

However, a team can have all the odds stacked in their favor yet still come out with a tie or even a loss. Because of this, the real issue that has to be addressed is whether or not the significant favorites win often enough for this method to be beneficial. This is a complicated issue, and part of the reason for this is that the word “huge favorite” is not specific enough. 

This illustrates another shortcoming in the method. Precisely what characteristics make someone a fan favorite? Regarding this topic, many individuals will have various points of view. This indicates that the approach is entirely up for interpretation, which is not a desirable quality to have in a plan. 

Develop Strategies For Betting Heavy Favorites

Strategies focused on adhering to a framework are most liable to success and consistency. The most effective methods are those that require not only the formulation of particular rules but also the selection of choices that are well-informed in response to any given circumstance. 

Research has shown that it is possible to win a significant percentage of the time using this strategy. It is a positive development in isolation from the effects of other circumstances. Also, because of the low odds, it’s doubtful that the winnings would be enough to make up for the money lost on unsuccessful wagers. That is unquestionably a negative aspect. 

It is essential to realize that winning money betting on sports is seldom an uncomplicated endeavor. For example, if winning money via college football betting was as simple as wagering on any team considered a heavy favorite. There would be no need for as many offshore sportsbooks. And everyone would be profitable.

Watch Ya Back When Betting Heavy Favorites

Something worth looking into is using multiple sportsbooks. This allows you to shop for the best betting lines. America’s Bookie has a great selection of betting markets. They’re known to have some of the best spreads and moneyline juice in the business.

The same idea can be used for any different tactic that starts with such a basic assumption. On the other hand, this does not mean that straightforward approaches cannot be successful. They most certainly can be if one gives them the appropriate interpretation. 

The underlying assumption that underpins this tactic is the observation that games often go to the odds-on favorites. That is also one of the reasons why it is so enticing since the vast majority of sports bettors want to win as many of their bets as possible. 

To address this issue, you should look at some genuine statistics. Because the NCAA is usually regarded as the finest collegiate football league in the world and because there is a significant amount of interest in betting on it, one should concentrate their attention on this.

Follow the Stats

Overall, the teams that won in the previous three seasons have an average win percentage of 67%. Based on these findings, one may deduce that the top three sides won 67% of the games played throughout the three seasons. If one had bet on each of these teams to come out on top in every one of their contests throughout this period, one would have won 67% of those wagers. 

However, you shouldn’t get too excited and start putting your bets just yet. Even though these findings provide some credence to the assertion that the heavy favorites win more frequently than they lose, one cannot draw any firm conclusions from them. 

This is because the odds offered for heavy favorites are very low. The 23% of the losses can easily swallow the profits from the 67% of wins. In addition, the bankroll will most likely be wasted as a result. 

Is it a Good or Bad Strategy?

Nevertheless, this data goes toward establishing that a benefit of supporting huge favorites is that you are likely to win a high proportion of your bets. This advantage is a direct result of these choices having a higher probability of succeeding. 

This, on its own, is sufficient justification for the vast majority of recreational bettors to put the technique into practice. However, the argument becomes even more convincing when taken in conjunction with the ease with which the method may be implemented.

This is because it’s what the majority of casual sports bettors are seeking. A straightforward tactic that will increase the frequency in which they come out on top. 

Those intent on earning a living off betting on college football need to give it a bit more consideration. They are aware of the fact that a strategy is only helpful if it assists in the process of locating value in the various betting markets. 

Win rates cannot tell us anything about value on their own. Thus, we must additionally consider the odds. With the odds in consideration, it becomes very apparent that betting on heavy favorites was never adopted by seasoned bettors. This is because many more effective strategies are available.