Betting MLB Futures Odds

Betting MLB futures odds expands your overall strategy, offering season-long action.

Betting MLB Futures Odds – World Series

Opening Day in baseball marks the start of a 162-game run through an extended MLB regular season. The top-rated online sportsbooks in the industry offer any number of ways to bet on baseball. Starting with an extended lineup of futures odds and MLB picks.

Futures odds for winning the World Series tops the list. Yet, this just scratches the surface when it comes to all the different baseball betting options. There are odds posted for both the American League and National League Pennant race. 

Projected win totals for all 30 MLB teams is another popular futures bet. You can also find posted betting odds for each team’s chance to qualify for the postseason.

Cy Young, MVP, ROTY & Much More

When it comes to betting MLB futures odds for MLB players, odds to win the Cy Young as the best pitcher in each league becomes a popular wager. There are player futures posted for hitting the most home runs, MLB Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player.

This is just a general list of the most heavily bet MLB futures ahead of a new season. Individual online sportsbooks will build out their own unique list with a few added futures covering every possible aspect of this league.

Anytime you have a season that begins in the spring and plays this many games, the graded outcome of these futures bets tend to remain in doubt until well into the fall. It will give your MLB bets a great diversification.

When Betting MLB Futures Odds – Public Impact

Another interesting aspect of any betting future is the betting public’s impact on the actual odds.

What takes place on the field will change the odds as the season wears on but so will the actual money being wagered on each futures bet.

If the public bets heavily on the Los Angeles Dodgers or Toronto Blue Jays as two of the most popular MLB teams. It will have an even bigger impact on any adjusted odds.

Jays are legit contenders

An online book’s primary objective is to even out the money across the board.

When it comes to betting actual games, they make their money on the 10% juice charged on the losing side. When it comes to MLB futures, they make their money on all the bets placed on the losing teams or players.

Create Your Own Strategy

Only one team can win the World Series or a division title. There is only one CY Young winner in the AL and NL. Given the all or nothing nature of any futures bet, building betting volume for every futures option turns into an attractive profit center for online books.

However, this still needs to be properly managed to avoid a huge payout on one team or player.

As far as betting MLB futures, you should put together your own strategy.

Start with a small amount of cash and only place a few wagers.

Pick one or two options as far as individual team bets. Longshots offer a very handsome return but they are the hardest bets to cash. Stick to teams that have a legitimate shot to win their division or make the playoffs.

The same could be said for player futures. Stick to players that have previously competed for season-ending honors such as most wins for a pitcher or home runs for a slugger. 

You can follow and track the odds for your futures bets as the MLB season wears on. This gives you the opportunity to double down on those wagers or move in a different direction with a few hedge bets.