Betting MLB Game Props at Offshore Sportsbooks

Betting MLB game props offer both value and variety.

Betting MLB Game Props

Wagers on MLB money lines and totals bring in most of the action at online sportsbooks. However daily game props might offer the best chance to cash in on betting baseball.

When you have 30 teams playing a full 162-game schedule, you need to develop a MLB betting strategy that offers the best value in the daily odds.

Props fit the bill by covering a wide spectrum of betting options.


Different Prop Categories

The list of different MLB props is almost endless for each game played. They can be broken down into four different categories as follows:

  • Main Props
  • Innings Props
  • Team Props
  • Player Props

Within each category, there are any number of actual prop bets. For example, you can wager on the winning margin, extra innings and odd or even team totals when it comes to main props.

Moving to props for innings, they cover the first inning winner, three innings line, seven innings line and various total line betting opportunities.

Team props offer options such as the first team to score wins the game, team with the highest scoring inning and last team to score.

A few of the specific player props cover hits, home runs and runs scored for batters. Props for pitchers center on strikeouts, hits allowed, runs allowed and the game’s winner. Betting MLB game props can span a huge array of areas.

Betting MLB Game Props – Limit Your Focus

As you can see, just about every aspect of a MLB game is covered from the first pitch to the final out. Given such a wide variety of prop bet options, the best strategy is to focus on just one particular aspect of the game.

Betting player performances adds quite a bit of excitement to the action on the field. But these types of props can be difficult to predict. While there are more than enough stats to help the handicapping cause, there is still quite a bit of inconsistency from one game to the next.

Team props offer a bit more value since current playing form is often a factor. Over the course of a 162-game season, every MLB team will go through hot and cold streaks. The best teams tend to have more hot streaks during the season while the worst teams stay cold more often. Editor’s note: groundbreaking stuff here folks.

Study Trends & Stick To What You Know

Studying these trends helps to predict which team should score first and win or have the highest scoring inning of the game.

Individual inning props are used to cut the game down into smaller increments of time. Betting props for the first three innings weigh heavily on the game’s starting pitchers. Expanding those betting options to seven innings takes into consideration each team’s entire pitching staff.

The main props cover some of the most basic elements of the game. These types of props can be used in conjunction with any bets you may have already placed on the money line or total.

The best way to bet MLB props is concentrating on an aspect of a game that interests you the most. For example, if you like to bet MLB total lines, then focus your attention on scoring props. If you are big into daily fantasy baseball, then you might want to place some prop bets on individual player performances.

Top-rated online sportsbooks are more than happy to expand your baseball betting options. This is especially true with daily game props.