Betting NFL Props Is The Newest Trend

With the explosion of legal online sports betting in the United States, betting on NFL games has also increased, and with it, so has betting NFL props. There is a lot of competition in the states where online betting is allowed. Sportsbooks are offering various proposition bets to attract gamblers.


The traditional wagers for NFL games are spread bets, moneyline wagers, and over/under point total bets. Betting lines for these wagers are well publicized and, by game time, tend to be similar across sportsbooks. Given the regional nature of the legal betting landscape, team-specific bets are now becoming popular.

NFL Proposition (Prop) Bets

Prop Bets are wagers that are specific to the game or teams that are playing. The Super Bowl has long been known for its wide array of exotic bets. One of the more popular wagers is the over/under on the length of the National Anthem.

Some of the less bizarre prop bets involve quarter by quarter over/under point totals. There are also spread bets that involve quarters or halves rather than the entire game. While some sportsbooks call these prop bets, there are far more interesting ones available on a weekly basis.

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Player Props

With the popularity of fantasy football, being able to wager on the performance of individual players is a plus. This is where betting NFL props has gained rapid growth.

These player prop wagers come in a lot of forms. Generally, though, they are over/under bets on some measure of performance.

For quarterbacks, it can be a wager on the number of passing yards or touchdown passes. It can also be a bet on the number of interceptions thrown or how many times they get sacked. Maybe you want to bet on how many completions the quarterback throws.

What about average yards per attempt? How many different receivers does he hit for a completion? The number of different possible wagers is limited only by the imagination of the oddsmaker and available statistics.

Team Props

Wagers on the statistics or performance of a team or teams are also available. These might involve over/under lines for something like first downs or total yards for one of both teams. Others might include the number of punts, turnovers, longest play from scrimmage, or total number of plays.

The odds for player and team prop bets are set similarly to the over/under wagers for total points. In most cases, regardless of which side is bet, the odds are -110 to give the house their edge.

A lot of the top online sportsbooks now offer props for live NFL betting. You will find many team props, as well as game props, individual player props and much more. Go check out the advantages of live betting.

Game Props

In a game propositions bet, the line is set on which team will outperform the other. There may be a prop bet on the team with the most total yards or first downs. These wagers have odds similar to the money line bets, with a favorite and an underdog.

Will both teams rush for at least 100 yards or pass for over 300 yards? Which team will record more sacks? Who will turn the ball over more times? If these are the types of bets that are of interest, they won’t be difficult to find.

As sports betting grows, proposition bets will continue to grow in popularity, bringing a lot of fun to wagering and watching. Don’t miss out on the betting NFL props trend, it’s easy to enjoy and have fun with.

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