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For all of you bookies out there, this is the time of year that you have been waiting for. The NFL season is back, and the college football season is right around the corner. Even better, the NHL season is just a month away and before you know it, basketball is back with both NBA and NCAA action. Now, think about all of the other sports that are going on as we speak; the PGS, the ATP Tennis Tour, NASCAR, Rugby, and the never ending soccer season with the literally dozens of leagues that come with it. This is the time that you should be kicking back and raking in the money, but guess what? You are probably running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to keep up with clients and their nonstop demands! Being a bookie is just that; a demanding job. You must be all things to all people, all of the time.

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Don’t let this job get old, don’t let it become a grind and don’t let it get your last nerve. There are real bookie solutions available to you and you must use them if you want to earn more money and most importantly, have peace of mind. In order for you to be effective and be that bookie that is all thing to all people, you must have a great bookie software program that is hosted by the best pay per head providers in the world. Why do you need this, check out the helpful checklist and then ask yourself, if this is something that would make your life easier?

► The ability for your clients to make bets 24/7 without ever speaking to them on the phone. This is what a PPH provides you. They provide you with state of the art bookie software that allows your clients to go online, to your sportsbook site and make any bet that you make available to them. You no longer have to take their phone in bet. They can do it themselves just as if they were going to any other major-online sportsbook.

► Reports: Now you have the ability to keep track of every bet you take, every bet you win and every bey you lose. You will see exactly how much money that you started with for the day, how much you took in and how much you shipped out the door in payouts. No more guesswork and no more giant headaches. There is nothing worse for a bookie than trying to keep up with the money flow. Being an effective bookie means being a fantastic money manager. What you do goes beyond a notebook and a pencil. Stop killing yourself with the paperwork and let an automated accounting system take care of everything.

► Grading bet slips. No more of this nightmare. Kick grading bet slips to the curb. This is the next worse thing that you have to deal with besides the money! There are many sporting events that don’t end until very early in the morning and who needs this. Clients are demanding, and they want their money when they win. With a PPH, the ticket grading is 100% taken care of for you and any winning are reflected in the clients account within minutes of the final score.

► Lines and odds. There is no more going it alone. A PPH does all of the heavy lifting for you. They set the daily lines and odds and your clients see it in real time and can bet whenever they choose to do so. You have the ability to move and adjust the lines as you feel the need to do so.

► A PPH offers a complete casino with all of today’s popular casino games and slot machines. Not only are you getting all of this, you are getting a full on race book. What more could you ask for. Everything is set up for you and it’s easy to get started; usually in less than a day’s time.

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If you are looking for ease of mind and peace, then you must consider a great PPH sports betting software. The more trusted providers on the internet start at around $10 per head and customize the service to fit your needs. You can literally be up and running the same day. Your clients will love you and most importantly, you will love your bottom line!