Can you bet on sports for a living

Can you bet on sports for a living?

The question of whether we can turn into a professional sports bettor or not usually arises when we win our first bet. It´s usually just hypothetical question brought on by the joy of winning the first bet. The win, irrespective of its size, makes us wonder if we could make the trend continue and turn what was just a hobby into a full time profession. So in this article I´ll help you understand the odds and answer the question on whether you can bet on sports betting for a living.

Sports betting in reality is no different from (say) playing a casino game. The odds for or against a particular event happening or not happening are almost similar to the odds offered for any other type of wager. The difference however lies in your knowledge of the game and the players. In-depth knowledge can reduce the odds against you and enhance your chances of winning a sports bet. So can you bet on sports for a living? Sure you can, but only if your bet is placed on the basis of your knowledge rather than signs from heaven or from a teapot or the way the clouds appear today or whatever else you thought worked for you. So if you´re short on cash and think that sports betting will fill in the gaps in your wallet then sports betting as a profession may not be such good idea.

In sports betting, knowledge is the key
You need to know every twist and turn of the game, understand how the process happens and how to place your bets. A sports bet is always placed as a chance on a particular event happening or not happening. You therefore need to calculate and figure out the odds based on your in-depth knowledge of the sport – passion has very little to do with it. Level headed thinking would do you more good than a spur-of-the-moment bet.

Research Is there a trend?
Whether it is research or knowledge, knowing the history of the game that you are going to bet on and its current players will help you spot trends. Some trends will jump at you right away while other trends might not be so obvious. Also, you need to remember that the betting officials rely on staff that are often overworked and therefore may not always get the calculation right. Your knowledge or research can make all the difference when it comes to spotting impossible odds or favorable odds. I recommend people check out Gameadvisers a handicapping site powered by artificial intelligence and plays from the top professional gamblers in the world.

We hear it a million times – Discipline is the key to a good life. In reality, discipline is the key in everything we do. If you dream of being a professional bettor than you need to think and act like a professional sports bettor. A spur-of-the-moment bet unless placed on the basis of your interpretation of the current position of the game, usually leads to losing the bet. So use your heart when it comes to love and romance “ not in sports betting. In sports betting only cold, razor sharp interpretation and your knowledge of the game will lead you to success.

Luck is not something you use only in a casino “ you need an element of luck with every sport bet your place. Your sports bet may be backed up by knowledge and your keen sense of interpretation of the game but remember, there will also be unexpected twists and turns to the game that will either turn the odds in your favor or make it impossible to win. Famous chefs and wives will tell you that while cooking is a science, without a spoonful of love, the dish will turn bland. Professional bettors may depend on knowledge of the game but you also need to accept that luck too plays a major part in your success at the betting table.

Time Commitment

Sports betting for a living is no different from taking up a nine-to-five job. It involves the same kind of commitment that you would need to make to perform your job to the best of your abilities. Hence you need to invest a considerable amount of time if you want to taste sweet success at the betting tables. This would involve the time you spend studying the trends, the odds, the players and the game itself to acquire the in-depth knowledge needed to place your wager on the right odds.

Network, network and more network
While knowledge and understanding of the game is the key to making good money, as a professional sports bettor remember to network with people in the know and use this networking to good effect. Knowledge does not always come from looking up past performances of the players or spotting trends, it often comes from someone who has information that is not available to the public. But be careful with the information you receive via your network. Often times such information is generated after a few pegs of whisky. So balance any such information with your own insight into the game and recalculate the odds.

Is the job of professional sports bettor for you?
Based on what I have written on this page you need to decide this one yourself. Too often we see people make the decision based on factors that don’t really matter. You need to ask yourself if you really understand one or more games on which sports betting takes place. What is your depth of knowledge of that particular game and do you have the ability to dig, understand and pick out trends. Have you set aside or do you have some money that you are willing to lose? If the answer to all these questions is yes and you understand that luck too has a big role to play in every sports bet, then yes, sports betting might turn out to a profession you could bank upon.