Casino Introduction

Choosing a casino site
Casino and gambling have more to do with luck than perhaps any other game or sport. However, there is no luck involved when it comes to choosing a casino site. You have to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each casino site you might want to use. Some casino sites might look fabulous, have great animation and sound effects but the promotional bonuses might not be on par with other sites or it might have cumbersome withdrawal rules. In our article on choosing a casino we walk you through the steps that will help ensure you play at a safe online casino site that has good user interface, great promos and excellent customer service.

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How do casino bonuses work?
In this article we explain the intricacies of various promotional, re-load and special bonuses. We explain what each type of bonus means and what you need to look at and how easy or tough it might be to actually use the fabulous bonuses that are offered. Our article offers an insight on casino bonuses.

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Casino sign up, deposit and withdraw guide
Casino sign-up and deposit is easy enough however, withdrawal of bonuses or winnings is a different matter altogether and involves reading the fine print before you even sign-up. While most casinos are above board and play fair, there are quite a few out there that add unpleasant twists and turns to the rules governing withdrawals. In this article we take you through the steps that help guide you around the pitfalls and traps that might be set by online casinos that do not believe in fair play.

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Are online casinos safe?
There are two sides to playing online safety at the online casino side and safety at the players side. Safety is a matter of being careful. If our own personal computer is secure and if we are careful in selecting the right casino and follow some simple basic rules (such as not writing down your user id and password somewhere) and a few other rules that we have mentioned in our article titled Are online casinos safe? then yes, your online casino will be safe. Being careful means selecting a casino based on a few time tested guidelines. Our article titled Are online casinos safe? walks you through those easy-to-understand fail-safe guidelines that ensure the security of your confidential information as well as happiness at being confident that you won’ t be cheated.

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What casino games are there?
This article walks you through the various games that are usually available at most online casino sites. Of course each site may have its own variations of popular games so you will need to browse through individual sites and see for yourself. However, this article will give you a birds eye view of the games that are generally available and is especially helpful if you are about to migrate from a real brick-and-mortar casino to online casinos.

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Craps rules
Crap is a dice game that is several hundred years old. It finds mention in the Indian epic the Mahabharata which is said to be over 8,000 years old. Over the years craps was played in some form or the other in various countries. In our article titled Craps Rules we walk you through the rules of the game as played at casinos in its current avatar. Indeed, there’s more to throwing the dice than meets the eye.

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Baccarat rules
Baccarat (also known as Punto banco) is played in a different section of the casino. The table is about the same size as that for craps. This table employs 3 dealers. A total of 12 to 14 players can play the game. In this game, there are two main bets that you make. It is either the player or banker. You can also call them punto or banco. The other bet is the standoff that is not used often. Some casinos allow the players to deal the cards in turns. In some casinos, the dealers do the handling of cards. In the online casino version, deals are done automatically by the software. As with other games so too Baccarat has its own rules that you need to be fully aware of before you play the game.

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Blackjack rules
Blackjack is a very interesting card game. Each player aims to beat the dealer. The rules of the game for the dealer are very precise and strict so they make no decisions for the outcome of their game. That means even if the dealer sees your hand, or that of the other players, there is no worry. What then are the rules for blackjack?

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Roulette rules
We see this game being played in a number of Hollywood movies. Indeed, many new comers to this game were attracted more because of the romance attached to roulette wheel thanks to Hollywood. But what are the rules of this game? How is roulette played?

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