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How to Bet Anytime TD Scorer Prop

Learn how to bet the anytime TD scorer prop. Key Points – The Anytime TD Scorer prop is becoming one of the more popular NFL bets. – Profits are greater than win percentage in this betting market. How to Bet Anytime TD Scorer Prop The Anytime TD Scorer prop bet is a popular one with

Why Bet NFL Second Half Markets

Why bet NFL second half markets. Key Points – Bettors will find NFL second half markets profitable if they know what to look for. – There are certain situations where NFL second half bets make good sense. Why Bet NFL Second Half Markets The NFL second half betting market is one of the best kept

Win More NFL Bets with Game Advisers

Win more NFL bets with Game Advisers. Key Points – Winning more NFL bets starts with having a plan. – Game Advisers AI software offers a revolutionary approach to winning more NFL bets. Win More NFL Bets with Game Advisers If you had a rough go of it last NFL season, don’t worry. Game Advisers

Tips for Betting the 2022 NFL Draft

Betting the 2022 NFL Draft gives bettors mid-offseason wagering opportunities. The NFL Off-Season The biggest betting event tied to the NFL offseason is the annual college player draft. Over the past few years, the late-April time frame has grown into a significant betting event for a number of different reasons. Once the draft is completed,

Getting Ready to Bet the Super Bowl

We are getting you ready to bet the Super Bowl! Super Bowl Sunday is rapidly approaching and you can’t go into this blindly. This year’s game will feature the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 PM ET on Sunday. The Super Bowl is one of the most wagered

Updated Super Bowl LV Futures

An NFL Week 13 filled with a few major upsets has caused some changes in the Super Bowl LV futures market. The Pittsburgh Steelers were knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten by Washington. Seattle suffered an upset loss to the New York Giants at home. A number of teams, including Green Bay and New

Don’t Let Ego Get In The Way of Buying Winning Picks

Don’t be ashamed of buying winning picks. Everyone wants to be the hero when it comes to sports betting. We all want to make our own picks with the hope of a massive payout. Most of the time, bets placed on a whim don’t hit, and you end up losing money. One factor in successful

Betting NFL Props Is The Newest Trend

With the explosion of legal online sports betting in the United States, betting on NFL games has also increased, and with it, so has betting NFL props. There is a lot of competition in the states where online betting is allowed. Sportsbooks are offering various proposition bets to attract gamblers. HOW TO BET ON SPORTS:

NFL Betting Options for 2020

The only people more excited about the 2020 NFL season than fans are sports bettors. There is plenty of reason to be excited about football especially during the current state of the world. The best part? NFL betting options. If NFL bettors weren’t excited enough, they should be overcome with joy because of the number

Inside the 2020 NFL Season

The 2020 NFL season is off to a strong start. There have been some surprises – Arizona – and the never surprising performances of the New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals both of which are 0-2. What have we learned thus far and how will it impact NFL bettors the rest of the 2020 season?