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Betting Golf

Golf betting does not offer a lot of options, but there are ways to make money for sure. Golf has major events such as the Masters, the British Open, PGA Championship and US Open, just to name a few. But there are tournaments all year and many opportunities to bet golf. There are more options

Benefits of Sports Handicapping

Sports handicapping is a process in which cappers predict the winners in a game, as well as the performance of the teams in the season. Sports handicappers usually work for sportsbooks, for pick services or for sports bettors. Handicapping is a part of every sport on which people bet. Handicapping involves a complete and ongoing

Beating NFL First Quarter Lines

Bettors no longer have to look at mere sides and/or game totals to strike it rich as mostly all the online sports books (and many Las Vegas) outlets provide first and second half wagering lines along with quarter by quarter prices too on football betting. Suffice to say, many NFL football betting players have found

Basketball Betting Totals Strategies

One of the most profitable ways for betting basketball, especially the NBA, is game totals, more commonly known as over/under betting. Most sharp basketball bettors consider these much easier to pick than the point spread. We will take a look at certain things you need to analyze when making game total bets. Yes, you are

Advantages of Moneyline Betting in NCAA Basketball

When it comes to betting the moneyline, people most usually think of football, baseball and even tennis. When played properly, though, the moneyline can be an excellent way to cash in on NCAA Basketball as well. Before betting the moneyline you really need to know what this bet type is and how to maximize your

Advantages of Choosing a Betting Exchange

In a betting exchange, people can bet against each other, not against a sportsbook. There are two bet types in order for this to happen, you can be backing (to win) and laying (to lose). Let me explain this, in a betting exchange you can bet on a team to lose, so if you don’t

Advantages of Betting Online

The sportsbook industry has grown too big in a little amount of time because people have began to learn that placing bets with an internet sportsbook is the best way to bet on their favorite sports. When playing with an internet sportsbook people can enjoy a lot of benefits that can’t be enjoyed when betting

Advantages of a Free Play

No one can deny that the main motivation behind playing with a sportsbook is to make money, it’s a fact. Consequently, while you choose the best sportsbook to open an account you also have to look for the various bonus programs that they offer. Most online sportsbooks will offer bonuses to keep their players happy

A1 PPH Review

A1 PPH Review: A1 per head service is known for having amazing prices and a premium service. This company strives to offer quality lines, instant grading, reliable internet and phone service and superior customer support, all at the best price. Agents will benefit from the experience of A1 PPH’s managers, lines people, clerks and tech