Choosing a casino site


The sure bet: Choosing a casino site for safe gaming

The popularity of the online casino is a movement that cannot be stopped. The digital world has truly become a new avenue where we can all enjoy playing casino games wherever we want, whenever we want. However, the online environment is not without any threats and problems. It is critical that you don’t fall for these dangers and make wise decisions. When choosing a casino site, consider some of these simple tips. They will be your guide in making the right decisions for your gaming pleasure.

Website navigability

There are hundreds of casino sites on the World Wide Web and choosing the right one out of these can be quite a daunting task. A poorly designed site will run slow and it will not be pleasing to use. The homepage of any online casino site is the least important. What is important is the gaming software. Ideally, you need to download and test-drive the gaming software to make sure it is user-friendly and fast. All game options should be built-in and there should be no bugs or glitches. Plan to use the gaming software for a few days and familiarize yourself with it. Other than the gaming software itself, you also need to check the casino site. Is it easily navigable? Is the site user-friendly? Are the customer support details and links readily available and so on. Since you plan to use real cash at the site, you might as well be sure everything is within acceptable parameters.

Safety and security

Online casino safety and security is one of the most vital aspects of choosing a casino site. Any online casino site needs to be registered and licensed under known jurisdictions. Most, if not all will be based in Europe. Another aspect is their privacy policy. Do they offer comprehensive information on how the data is accessed and used – will the data be shared with their business partners? Read the casinos privacy policy. If your personal data will be shared with the casinos business partners, you can be assured of being spammed to glory and back.

The gaming, profile page and web pages relating to money transfers must all be hosted on a secure server (https://). The security certificate (can be viewed by clicking the security padlock), must be issued to the owner of the site and made out in the name of the casino site. The security certificate should be current i.e. not expiry dated also, the security certificate should not be shared with any other website.

Game provider

There are several game providers that are used by different sites. In choosing a casino site, see to it that the game provider is a trusted name. They are the ones who provide the software that you download from the casino site. The software is the front-end or user interface that connects you with the online casino site. Each game provider has its own style in designing games. If you know the name of the game provider (view the About us page), it might be a good idea to Google the name of the game provider. Any negative aspects will immediately be apparent. If the negative aspects are significant and likely to impact the quality of your experience then you should select another online casino website.

Speed testing

Another critical parameter when choosing a casino site is the response speed. If the website seems to go into a coma each time you click a button, then unless you have a bad internet connection, the online casino site is probably badly designed. Since there are different platforms used for the gaming software, it is necessary to take a speed test. If you have a very fast connection, this might not be a totally essential aspect but for others, especially those playing mobile games or have low bandwidth connections, the download speed can affect the overall gaming experience. Choose the one that will most effectively work for your connection since at the end of the day, we all want to enjoy the game more than the time we invest just getting connected with the casino site.

Bonuses and promotions

The sign-up and deposit bonuses and promotions are the biggest reasons why many gamers from land based casinos migrate to the online casino sites. Some online casino sites offer deposit bonuses starting at 100% with a redeposit bonus of 50%. Some market the bonus at fixed prizes. Some online casino sites offer re-deposit bonuses at 1000% but is usually divided into several consecutive deposits. Look into these details. The casinos will do their best to market their bonuses. Some will add free loyalty points that are equivalent to a form of online remuneration. If the big bonus being offered is attractive, be sure to read the fine print regarding use of the bonus.


As much as possible, non-English speakers will go to casino sites that offer language options. If language is a big deal for you, then you need to make sure the online casino you select is available in a language of your choice.

Use casino reviews

When choosing a casino site, it is undeniably necessary to read reviews about it. Do people rave about the site? What are the sites strengths and weaknesses? Oftentimes, the limitations are minor irritants. Can you live with those limitations? Read several reviews from different sites because very often, the reviews are sponsored by the casino sites themselves. See also if the online casino site you are interested in has big winners frequently? Do they test their random number generators? Are there any complaints about the service that was not addressed to the satisfaction of customers? Checking other people’s opinion can shape your idea to form a more concrete and well informed decision.

Check customer support

Sometimes casinos are hit or miss about this aspect and you want them to be offering the best possible service whenever you need their help. Even if it is simple things, check the customer support and see if they are competent, fast and reliable. Do not settle for mediocre customer service when choosing a casino site. They are still functioning as a casino so there are no reasons for them to let their guard down on the support department.

Choose bigger and more renowned sites

Lastly, it would be best to start off with the most popular sites and reputed sites. Choose the ones that have been in the business for decades already. Those sites often have a stable customer base, great security features, good games and fantastic promotions. They are good for starters since they are already established so there are many published reviews that you can check out.