Common College Basketball Betting Mistakes

These are some of the common college basketball betting mistakes.

Key Points

– Avoid common college basketball betting mistakes and win more often.

– Understand why you should bet the moneyline more often in college basketball.

Common College Basketball Betting Mistakes

College basketball is a popular sport among bettors. There are tons of games to wager on every day of the week beginning in late November. With NFL football and college football still in action, the betting lines on many of the early season games are a bit soft.

More attention is paid to games as the calendar flips to January and February. Conference play starts and teams really get heated up in late February as teams, fans, and bettors get ready for March Madness.

If you aren’t engaged in college basketball betting until tournament time, you are missing out on some serious action. Regardless of when you begin your hardcore college basketball betting, it would be wise to avoid these frequent mistakes and stay away from lazy sports betting strategies.

College Basketball Betting on Reputation

There have been a number of teams that have dominated college basketball for the last several years. A select few coaches are thought to be the best in their field. Some athletes receive much more media coverage and praise than others. 

If you’re a fan of the game, there’s no doubt you are aware of Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Villanova, and several other teams that seem to command the media’s presence each season. The reputations of these teams can make it simple for amateur handicappers to believe that these teams are unbeatable. 

However, relying on reputation and media hype is a surefire way to watch your bankroll implode. It is much easier for a mediocre college basketball team to upset a very good opponent than in college football. In fact, 26 percent of all college basketball underdogs win outright. Moneyline underdogs between +100 and +150 win 42.3 percent of the time.

Relying on reputation in college basketball betting is a big mistake. Avoid it.


Disregarding Tempo

When it comes to college basketball betting, one of the biggest things that people are unaware of is tempo. Tempo plays a huge role in the outcome of games.

Teams play many different styles. There are teams that score in the high 80s or even low 90s on a regular basis. There are also teams that rely on their defense and often hold teams under 60 points per game. 

Teams like Virginia under head coach Tony Bennett, for example, are known for a certain style of defense. The Cavaliers typically hold opponents in the 50s. Games are slower-paced and game totals are relatively lower. It pays to know this when betting on college basketball.

Home Court Advantage & College Basketball Betting

Don’t underestimate the importance of home court advantage in college basketball. Very boisterous crowds and inexperienced referees can work together to create a powerful combination that can significantly affect how games are called and play out. 

You must be very conscious of the locations of games and the potential effects. You should also be aware of when games are held on neutral courts, which happens frequently in college basketball. Is it really a neutral court, or does the setting still clearly favor one team over the other?

Playing at home is a bigger advantage in college basketball than in any other sport. Well over 65 percent of home teams in college basketball win. In the 2017-18 season, for example, 69 percent of home teams won. Understanding where a game is being played is huge when college basketball betting.

Betting the Moneyline

Many bettors have been trained to view college basketball as a point spread sport when they first start betting. However, if you only concentrate on the spread, you might miss out on some fantastic opportunities. 

There are advantages of moneyline betting in college basketball. Betting on the moneyline rather than the point spread allows for a chance at a much higher payoff. This is especially true when bettors have confidence in a short underdog. 

Bettors give up some security in the points but if the points won’t matter the risk might be worth the investment.  Finding short home underdogs and betting the moneyline is a sports betting strategy for better success.

Too Many Games

With 353 Division I teams, there are a staggering number of games from which to choose each week. You can’t bet them all. Too often bettors try to “eat everything on the buffet” and bet too many games.

Teams typically play twice each week. Smart CBB bettors will focus in on a conference or two. That means they are not betting every night of the week. Doing so is usually bad for a bettor’s bankroll.

First off, the average bettor doesn’t have the time to properly research each game and determine whether or not there is value. Value is the key. Only bet on those games where value exists.

You need to find ways to quickly identify the few games that have the most potential for you rather than betting on as many as you can. From there, you can focus only on the games that offer the most value. There is absolutely no reason to settle for anything other than a high-value bet that you are completely confident in with so many options in college basketball.

Betting with Your Heart

The majority of people who watch college sports do so out of pure fandom. They have their team and love to back them no matter what. Nothing is more gratifying than watching your school win or seeing your bitter rival lose. It’s even better when it occurs during the same game. 

However, college basketball betting is not done with the heart. It is done with the head. Bettors must be completely objective and make the best decisions for their bottom line. If you can’t be objective, you shouldn’t bet on games involving your favorite teams.