Compare Betting Lines to Win More Bets

Do you compare betting lines? There is really only one reason why anyone gets into sports betting and it rhymes with winning money. Don’t kid yourself. Yes, you bet on sports because it is fun and exciting, but ultimately sports betting is much more fun when you win.

One of the most surefire ways to have success as a sports bettor is simply to become a good shopper. Comparing betting lines is an easy and effective strategy that can help any bettor win more bets and, eventually, win more money.


Find the Edge

For NFL bettors, finding that extra half-point (or even full point sometimes) can make a world of difference in winning percentage and size of bankroll. If you are not aware, most NFL games end with a scoring margin of either 3 or 7 points. Knowing this, you can search for lines advantageous to your cause. Take the following example.

Kansas City -3 (-110)

New Orleans +3 (-110)

Both the Chiefs and the Saints are very good football teams. You like the Saints to cover in this game because they are playing at home and maybe they are playing for a division title. 

Knowing that the most common point differential in an NFL game is three, finding the same game but a half-point better would be a bonus.

Kansas City -2.5 (-110)

New Orleans +2.5 (-110)

Simply shopping multiple sportsbooks allowed you to place a wager on New Orleans at +2.5. When the ends with a score of 32-29 in favor of the Chiefs, you are a winner. If you had stuck with the Saints at +3, the bet would have been a push. That half-point made all the difference.

Imagine finding a half-point or more on all of your NFL and college football bets and even your NBA and college basketball bets. The wins will add up all because you became a shopper.

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Moneyline Shopping

The same principle can be applied to moneylines. In most betting markets, you will find point spreads to be pretty much the same. When you shop for betting lines, it will allow you to find that extra half-point or so every once in a while.

Where you can really find some value is in shopping moneylines. Different sportsbooks often have different moneylines on the same games. Sticking with the NFL, you might find a strong moneyline underdog listed at +180 at one sportsbook, but you will find the same team listed at +205 at another book.

Be Sure to Compare Betting Lines at Multiple Books

Your $100 bet would pay out $180 at the first sportsbook, but by shopping and taking the time to compare betting lines you would win $205 at the second sportsbook.

The bottom line is that shopping for the best betting lines will help you win more bets and increase the amount of your winnings. While betting on sports is fun and exciting, the simple strategy of comparing betting lines at multiple sportsbooks is an easy way for any bettor to win more.

If you aren’t already, start shopping for the best betting lines. Your bankroll will thank you.