Don’t fall in these common pitfalls that bookies face

The sports betting industry is one of the most lucrative and exciting ventures you can ever imagine going into. It’s true that there is lots of money moving one way and another, day after day, thanks to games and events that happen all around the world.

However, not too long ago, things were quite a lot harder than they are right now. The arrival of technology to sports betting has made things change and evolve in an amazing way in the past decade, or even a little bit more. Gambling has never been so easy and accessible; sure, the internet made things easier since a lot longer, but the true evolution came with smartphones and having the whole world in the palm of your hands at all times. This was the game changer, and not only for players, but for bookmakers on top of everyone, because it opened many doors, that came to fix some issues and common pitfalls that bookies faced back in the day.

The high-season vs Low-season myth

You might have heard of it or even experienced it, of course, depending on your age and how long you’ve been a part of this industry. Before, the year was split into these 2 stages, that were strongly marked and would mean the rise and fall of many mid-size or small operations. The September through February season was just gold, with most of the major American leagues in action; NFL on top of all, NBA, NHL, plus whatever else there was on. Starting February, right after the Super Bowl, things would always slow down, volume would go down, risk would go up, players would take a break and sportsbooks would end up letting people go and playing it safe for a few months, until it would start picking up again in August.

Nowadays, with PPH and operations like A1, low season is just a bad memory for bookies all over the world. Major sports are always followed and played, but markets are just thriving, and players are looking for sports and leagues of all different types, each and every day. Your operation needs to be ready for this, with experienced line movers, with the right tools in place to make sure nobody will take advantage. With Price per Head, High-Season lasts all year long, and you need to make sure that’s how it is, so that your players will stick with you long-term.

Avoid unnecessary investment and risk for your sportsbook

Another important pitfall you must avoid is the unnecessary fixed costs and expenses, that your operation no longer requires. With A1PPH and Price per Head, all you have to pay now is a small weekly fee per customer, and that will guarantee a world-class, top of the line service and product, that will keep your clients happy and playing, and will give you the power and freedom to run your business but, at the same time, enjoy your personal life. All you and your players need is a mobile device and an internet connection, to make sure you have access to the best sports betting experience in the world.