Don’t Make These Super Bowl Betting Mistakes

Don’t make these Super Bowl betting mistakes.

Key Points

– Bettors often wager too much on the Super Bowl.

– An easy Super Bowl betting mistake to avoid is to treat the game like any other.

Don’t Make These Super Bowl Betting Mistakes

It won’t be long before the NFL’s ultimate game – the Super Bowl – is here. For fans, the press, athletes, and bettors alike, it is the biggest game of the year in every respect. 

You can get through the offseason until football starts up again if you correctly predict the Super Bowl winner and earn a few dollars in the process. That makes a big difference in how you enjoy your offseason.

In order to maximize your chances of achieving that glory, you must stay away from easy but expensive errors. Here’s a look at the top five Super Bowl betting mistakes. Avoid these and set yourself up for a great offseason!

Betting on Emotion

This is easily the biggest Super Bowl betting mistake that casual bettors make. Most individuals have strong opinions or feelings about the Super Bowl. You can’t help but prefer one team over the other because the game is so significant.

Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to give their opinion. It’s even worse if one of the teams happens to be your favorite. It will cause bettors to go with their heart. However, if you base important betting decisions on those emotional feelings, you could run into issues. 

During the regular football season, you would never make a pick based solely on feelings. Why would you do so when betting the Super Bowl? 

If you are serious about becoming a successful bettor, you should only bet on your emotional favorite after doing the necessary research. This would include your Super Bowl betting.


Super Bowl Betting – Pulling the Trigger Too Soon

After the conference championship games, many people get very excited and immediately place their Super Bowl bets. The only real reason to wager on the game so early is if you anticipate significant line movement. The line adjustment would have to significantly affect your financial situation. 

Realistically, the average bettor doesn’t have enough information to make a decision so soon. There are many reasons to put off choosing a side or a total until closer to the game. You gain more information as the game approaches. Bettors see what the public is doing and there is more time to consider every aspect of the game. 

Don’t make the Super Bowl betting mistake of placing your bet too soon.

Too Many Prop Bets

The number of Super Bowl prop bets available is absurd, and it keeps increasing every year. Some of those props give bettors a chance to win real money and are unquestionably worth their attention. If you know how to bet the Anytime TD Scorer prop, for example, you can really score big.

However, too many of these Super Bowl props are fool’s bets meant to defraud clueless people of their money. For instance, most sportsbooks offer both sides of a coin toss wager at -115. You can wager on either the heads or tails outcome. You should stop reading now if you think placing a bet of -115 on the outcome of tossing a coin, the ultimate 50/50 proposition, is a good idea. 

When playing this game, it’s crucial to only place prop bets that make logical mathematical sense. Additionally, you want to make sure that you aren’t betting on too many props or on props that aren’t all likely to win. There is no better way to make yourself feel foolish than to pick and bet on the winning team, only to lose money overall due to excessive prop losses.

Super Bowl Betting Media Hype

The Super Bowl receives more media attention than any other game in any sport. As mentioned, everyone will want to share their opinion with you because everyone has one. 

Hype is inevitable when there is so much media attention. Hype feeds off of itself, and frequently, people talk about things that sound good but don’t have a lot of supporting evidence. 

In the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, smart football handicappers will concentrate on the important news, such as injuries and personnel issues. That will prevent them from making an easy Super Bowl betting mistake. 

Using Too Much of the Bankroll

There is no question that the Super Bowl is a huge spectacle and is the NFL’s biggest game of the year. At its core though, it is just another football game. 

For a variety of reasons, the Super Bowl is more difficult to predict than the majority of regular season games. It wouldn’t make sense to wager significantly more on a difficult game. Year over year, the Super Bowl consistently attracts significantly higher wagers than other games. If you do not know how to manage your bankroll, you will make this Super Bowl betting mistake.

Smart bettors will not deviate much from their money management plan. A good NFL betting season can be lost by simply placing excessive bets on the Super Bowl. NFL handicappers must choose their bet size wisely in this situation.