Expanded Live In-Game Betting Options

Live in-game betting options have expanded massively in the last couple years.

Sports Betting Experiencing Rapid Advancement

The entire sports betting industry is changing at an accelerated pace. As new rookie players enter the game, the veterans have done an excellent job at changing the rules.

It used to be a rather simple approach to betting on sports. But now has grown into a highly diversified presentation designed to enhance your overall betting strategy.

When you break down any online sportsbook’s total betting handle. Straight bets on point spreads, total lines and money line odds still account for the majority of the betting volume. However, recent industry trends point to high growth segments in a couple of different areas.

Expanded Live In-Game Betting Options

The fastest growing segment of the online sports betting industry covers the idea of wagering on the games after they have gotten underway. Commonly referred to as live or in-game betting, this is the most exciting way to take advantage of all the action on the field, court, ice, ring or track.

Today’s top-rated online books have done an excellent job with building out their daily lineup of live in-game betting options. Dynamic live in-game betting lines are presented in a clear and concise manner. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

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The menu of available live lines covers a wide range of sports leagues on an international scale. Maybe you have no interest in betting live cricket matches in India but you can. The biggest live events of the day are featured while also being cross referenced by individual sports leagues.

In other words, it becomes extremely easy to find live action either by league or by market. For example, you can search the NBA section to find all the available markets for tonight’s big game. You can also search the section for dynamic live lines to see what shows up for that same NBA matchup.

Technology Makes Placing Live Wagers Easy

The best mobile sportsbooks apps have been designed by gaming IT professionals that have a keen understanding of the entire sports betting process. These apps have also been designed with intuitive features to enhance your search capabilities.

US sports bettors are actually lagging behind the industry trends for live in-game betting on sports. Especially when compared to the share of the market this commands in places like the UK and Europe.

This could actually be viewed as a positive thing. 

Feel Comfortable When Live In-Game Betting

While the comfort level with live in-game betting may be higher with UK and European players. There is still a learning curve at play with your average recreational US bettor.

Once again, today’s highest rated online sportsbooks catering to US players fully grasp the current situation. That is why they go out of their way to make live betting on the games as easy as possible.

Your best course of action to lessen the learning curve for placing live in-game wagers is to spend some time searching the live section at your favorite online book. You can also dedicate some time for doing the same thing at a new online book you may be interested in.

Given the nature of live betting in general. You may want to maintain an active online sports betting account at two or three online sportsbooks. This added flexibility is the best way to enhance your entire online sports betting experience.

We recently outlined the benefits of betting with multiple sportsbooks. Go take a look at it before you move along.