Finding a Sportsbook Bonus that Works for You

The start of another season of football is right around the corner and if you are in the market for an online sportsbook to handle all of your betting action, then you might want to take into consideration any bonus plans and incentives that are currently up for grabs.

Just about every offshore sportsbook operating online will offer some kind of bonus offer when you first sign up and many will continue to reward their loyal customers with added promotions and incentives based on your overall play. Most sign-up bonuses revolve around a cash-back offer based on your initial deposit up to a set amount. For example, you might see something like a 50 percent bonus on your first deposit up to as much as $2500. While this looks great on paper, it is always very important to read the fine print as far as the terms and conditions involved with actually taking advantage of any bonus offer.

The first thing to keep in mind is that just about every bonus offer is awarded in the form of free bets not hard cold cash. The money will be added to your account once you satisfy any existing requirements, but it can only be used to make future bets.

Another thing to keep in mind about taking advantage of these sign up bonuses is that they all require some kind of rollover on the amount of your initial deposit. Rollover simply refers to how many times you must wager the initial amount of your deposit to collect a bonus. If your first deposit was $250 and the rollover requirement is 10, then you would have to make at least $2500 in bets before you would be eligible for any kind of bonus payout.

The bottom line benefit of any sign-up bonus hinges mainly on your betting activity. If you are planning to bet heavy and often, then you probably would benefit from the highest bonus offers out there. However, it you are strictly a recreational sports bettor looking to put a couple of bucks down on a football game once or twice each week, these types of bonuses may not work in your favor.

When it comes to promotions and added incentives for customer loyalty, one of the best offers to look for is a “reduced juice” program. The standard commission or juice that is charged to book a bet is 10 percent, but some sportsbooks will lower the juice on certain types of wagers as an added incentive. While everyone bets to win, a reduced juice incentive actually saves you real money when you do lose. Over the course of time, this type of direct savings is a great way to extend your betting bankroll.

The best course of action when it comes to finding a sportsbook bonus program that works for you is to shop around. There are literally hundreds of online sportsbooks just dying to take your money, but you want to find the one or two that matchup the best with your sports betting activity. You also want to feel comfortable with all the terms and conditions involved with doing business with a particular sportsbook, especially when it comes to financial transactions involving deposits and withdrawals.

Bonuses and incentives are great, but what you really need to be concerned about is getting paid when you win as well as any fees involved when you decide to make a withdrawal on your winnings. The top online sportsbooks in the game today have grown to be the best by their fair business practices, not necessarily by their lucrative bonus deals.