Finding Summer Betting Value

Summer betting value … We are all searching for it.

Betting Specials for Dog Days of Summer

Anyone who loves to bet on sports is familiar with the annual summer lull. The NBA and NHL playoffs come to a close and it is still too far off to start thinking about Week 1 in the NFL.

The biggest value on the betting board is daily MLB games. But there are still other ways to find value in an online sportsbook’s betting board over the next few months.

One of the biggest trends among online books these days is a wider selection of daily betting specials.

These specials can be presented in the form of parlay boosters with a higher return in the payout odds. Online books are also offering a higher return on same game parlay plays for individual games. Player props for any sporting event on the board is another value-added bet.

Summer Betting Value at Online Sportsbooks

When laying out your sports betting strategy for the next three months, the best way to get started is by knowing what is available. Given the rapid expansion of today’s online sportsbook industry, working with multiple sports betting sources makes solid betting sense.

Today’s online books make it easy to open and use multiple betting accounts. There are no minimum balance requirements. Plus, it is easy to request withdrawals when it is time to cash in a few winners. They make finding summer betting value easy.

Sports betting industry directories such as make it easy to research available betting sites to find a few that interest you the most. A direct search of an online book’s sports betting site is another great way to get a feel for everything they have to offer.

The obvious benefit of working with a collection of online books is the ability to shop your betting lines. This is extremely important for betting on MLB moneylines which can vary quite a bit from one site to the next.

Diversity Your Betting Strategy

Another big benefit of working with multiple online books is easy access to the daily betting specials that are unique to their particular site.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to diversify your overall sports betting strategy.

You can wager on a unique player prop for tonight’s Yankees vs. Red Sox game at Book A. While also betting a head-to-head first round matchup for this weekend’s PGA Tour event at Book B.

Your highest-rated global online sportsbook will go out of their way to differentiate their betting board from its competitors. In the end, recreational sports bettors like yourself benefit the most.

Get an Edge With Summer Betting Value

Every sports bettor is always looking for an edge against the house. Today’s best online books are willing to provide one if you know how and where to look.

If you simply cannot wait until September to bet on football, the summer months are also a great time to wager on offseason NFL futures and season-long props. The payback on these wagers become a long-term proposition but there is still value to be found from one online book to the next.

You can also focus your early football handicapping efforts on the CFL. The quality of football north of the border may not be on par with the pros in the NFL. However, there is still money to be made.

With just nine teams and four games weekly, it is rather easy to quickly get up to speed on each CFL team. The CFL offers tons of summer betting value.