Finding Value in NBA Playoffs Series Bets

How to find value in NBA playoffs series bets.

Key Points

– There are a number of factors to consider before making NBA playoffs series bets.

– Always analyze the matchups before making NBA playoffs series bets.

Finding Value in NBA Playoffs Series Bets

In athletics, almost anything can happen. Everyone who has ever placed a bet and assumed an outcome understands how accurate that is. Nonetheless, there are some teams that are nearly invincible in sports during the first round of the NBA playoffs. 

There are several instances where there has only ever been the slightest shard of uncertainty that the underdog will prevail. For example, only three No. 8 seeds have ever won their opening round series. 

That doesn’t mean that every higher seed is guaranteed to easily defeat a lower seed. It’s difficult to predict with certainty whether a top seed will breeze through their first-round matchup. However, taking these factors into account, you can effectively distinguish between good teams and great teams. Using these factors, bettors can take advantage when betting NBA playoffs series bets.


Found Another Gear

You can practically feel the mindset of a very good NBA team change as they prepare for the playoffs. They become tougher, play harder, make fewer mistakes, and are considerably less forgiving of their opponents. 

They have been playing well all year. It’s obvious that they are raising their game even more in anticipation of the playoff games ahead. Many basketball teams will attempt to improve, but only the very best teams are able to accomplish it successfully and carry that momentum into the postseason. 

A team is capable of advancing through the first round if they do find a new gear. If their new found style of play seems sustainable, then they are a team you should definitely think about betting on. 

NBA Playoffs Series Bets Favor Strong Road Teams

One of the best signs that a team is prepared for true playoff success is their ability to handle business when they play on the road. NBA teams must win two away games just to sweep a playoff series.  That’s two straight road wins over the same opponent. That’s not easy to do.

On the other hand, a team that has performed well at home but not quite as well on the road might not be up to the task. Teams need to raise their level of play in the playoffs. 

Health Factor

Although obvious, this one is significant. A great NBA team’s chances of succeeding are significantly higher when they are healthy. You can include well-rested in there as well. Teams will often get a few extra days off if they eliminate an opponent early. 

Bettors must study the injury reports. They should also take into account any players who are still playing but not at full health. This factor, as well as the rest in this post, are also keys to success in betting the NCAA tournament.

The Opponent

When making an NBA playoffs series bet, one of the first things bettors will notice is the opponent. There are a number of things to take into account based simply on the opponent a team will play.

If it’s later in the playoffs, who did each team beat to advance? That can be very telling for bettors. It’s also worth noting the seed of each team. Often, lower seeds do not compare to the top-seeded teams in the postseason. Some even have below .500 regular season records.

Yet, some lower-seeded teams can be harder to beat depending upon their circumstances. Maybe they were without a key player or two for a big part of the season. Whatever the situation, bettors cannot overlook an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses when handicapping NBA games in the playoffs. 

NBA Playoffs Series – All About Matchups

Playoff series matchups are important when deciding which team to bet on to win. There will be situations where a lower-seeded team plays an opponent that it beat in all of the regular season matchups. 

It might be paint defense or perimeter shooting that makes the matchup difficult for the opponent. One team might lead the NBA in three-point shooting. Its opponent, a higher-seeded team, doesn’t defend the three very well. It’s also worth looking at NBA trends to watch in a given season. 

Best Players

A team’s success ultimately depends on how well its best player or players will perform. The health of a team’s top players is key as is their recent form. Are they on a hot streak? Are they slumping? 

These are concerns that bettors should look into when betting on NBA playoff series. It is said that big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games. Teams that have better players often will outplay their opponents in the biggest games of the season.


If an NBA team has a bunch of young players, it is difficult for them to go far in the postseason. Experience in these situations goes a long way. A team typically needs a year or two of solid playoff experience to understand what it takes to go deep in the postseason.

A team is less likely to struggle in a situation that it has been in before. That is why teams go deep in the NBA playoffs year after year. They have experience doing so.