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Nothing can set your pulse racing faster than seeing your bet break ahead by a bunch. You double-check the ticket in your hand to make sure you’re not dreaming before making a bee-line to the window to collect your winnings.

Horse racing probably began ever since man first tamed horses and that was a long time ago. In fact, there are references to horse racing at the Olympics as far back as 1,600BC I wonder what kind of wagers were offered back then um?

The Romans too were no less. If they were not riding chariots into a war they were riding them at races to win anything from wine and women to great mansions and wealth. The momentum of the growth of horse racing never ceased. Horse racing as we know it today evolved from the early chariot races. Somewhere along the way, the chariot was ditched – some bright lad probably figured the horse could go even faster without the chariot. Today horse racing is fine-tuned 2-piece racing apparatus consisting of a well-trained horse and an ultra-efficient, super compact, aerodynamic jockey.

Choosing a racebook
Online racebooks have slowly and steadily been eating into the clientele of the brick-and-mortar venues by offering unrivaled sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses, and other incentives. Online racebooks know they cannot compete with personalized services that are offered by casinos so instead, online racebooks offer the one thing that really matters to most sports bettors cash incentives. But there are hundreds of them some legitimate and safe with great reviews while others have a rather poor record. Which one to choose?

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Rebates and rewards
As with online casinos and gambling sites, online racebook sites too offer rebates and rewards. So if you are making a switch to an online racebook site, our article might actually help you make your bets more profitable.

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Are online racebooks safe?
Safety first! always better to ask the question Are online racebooks safe? and have it answered before you register with any online racebook. There are a few things you need to check up before you register with any online racebook and our article titled are online racebooks safe? attempts to answer that question by listing out the things you need to be looking at.

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Yearly horse racing events
This is a great article especially if you have just begun playing the ponies. Our article titled Yearly horse racing events lists out the major horse racing events held all over the world events that no serious bettor can afford to miss. Each event starting with Kentucky Derby to the Dubai world cup represents a major opportunity to play the ponies and make a decent profit.

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Historic racebook wins
Historic racebook wins is a nostalgic article that helps you make a trip down memory lane. This article will bring a smile to your face especially if you are a veteran player of the ponies. Our article will help you fondly remember your favorite horses, the glamour and excitement of the race that once was. You might even remember your wagers and your winnings or other happenings associated with the greatest horse racing events over the past 50 years.

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How to bet on horse races online
Our article on How to bet on horse races online is a must-read for anyone aspiring to start betting at online racebooks. It gives you a birds eye view of the procedures and features at online racebook sites. Be sure to read this article before you register at any online racebook site.

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Racebook deposit and withdrawals
Our article titled Racebook deposit and withdrawals is yet another must-read if you are preparing to migrate to an online racebook. This informative article gives you a tour of the features offered on an online racebook site with a specific emphasis on making your first deposit and withdrawal.

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History of horse racing
Is this a season for getting nostalgic or what? We’ve written yet another article that takes you down the memory lane of horse racing; this time we’ve traced the history of horse racing how it all started in Europe (in 1702 to be precise) and then two hundred years later, crossed the tub and took root in the US. All in all, our article on the history of horse racing is an interesting read.

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Horse betting tips
In horse betting tips weave tried to be as non-technical as we could. The article is written in a style that is non-intimidating and easy to understand especially by someone who would love to enter the world of horse racing but finds that the other articles on horse betting tips that are available on the internet are not easy to understand.

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