How to Bet Anytime TD Scorer Prop

Learn how to bet the anytime TD scorer prop.

Key Points

– The Anytime TD Scorer prop is becoming one of the more popular NFL bets.

– Profits are greater than win percentage in this betting market.

How to Bet Anytime TD Scorer Prop

The Anytime TD Scorer prop bet is a popular one with NFL bettors. It is available for every game on the schedule and it has become increasingly popular among younger bettors that have more experience in fantasy football.

Soon, prop bets like this one may overtake more traditional NFL wagers like the point spread, moneyline, and totals. At Super Bowl LVI, one prominent online sportsbook actually took more wagers on Rams WR Cooper Kupp in the Anytime TD Scorer prop market than on the game’s point spread.

Success in this market comes from first completely understanding the bet. That is where we begin.

The Bet Explained

It’s important to know that when you place a wager in this market in order to win the bet your player must be the one that crosses into the end zone to score the touchdown. 

That is an important point to understand. A quarterback throwing a touchdown pass does not get the credit for an Anytime Touchdown in this case. Only the wide receiver who caught the pass and crossed into the end zone is credited with the touchdown. 

For a quarterback to win a bet in this category, he would have to score on a rushing touchdown. He would cross into the end zone on a touchdown run. This idea is crucial when betting the Anytime TD Scorer prop.

It’s also worth noting that once your player scores a touchdown the bet closes. For example, you bet on Ezekiel Elliott at +125. Once he scores a touchdown, your bet is paid out and that’s it. If Elliott scores another touchdown in the same game, you do not receive a payout again.

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Anytime TD Scorer Prop Strategy – Track Bets

If you are going to have success in this category, you have to track your bets. The market is a volatile one and tracking your bets can help you identify strengths and weaknesses. It can also help you adapt your strategy should it need tweaked.

With today’s technology, there are numerous ways to track your bets. You can go old school and use pen and paper. If you are able and know how, you can make your own spreadsheet. Or, you can take advantage of any number of apps available that help bettors track bets.

Tracking your bets can help you win more. You can also win more NFL bets with Game Advisers.

Profits > Win Percentage

When betting this market, keep in mind that your winning percentage is not as big a deal as your end result – profit. 

In a given season, you might win 30 to 35 percent of all your Anytime TD Scorer prop bets. With the higher odds in this market, your profits will far outweigh your win percentage. It is common to find starting running backs and wide receivers listed at plus-money in this category. 

Every now and then, you might hit on a backup tight end getting a touchdown catch at +400 odds. Ultimately, your profits and return on investment are what matter here.

Less Is Always More

In a given week, there are hundreds of Anytime TD Scorer prop bets. You cannot bet them all. Do the research to find the two or three best bets in the category. There may be weeks where there is only one. That’s fine. Less is more.

A good rule of thumb is to limit yourself to two or three of these bets in prime time games. It’s very easy to get caught up in attacking every angle you can dream up for a prime time game. 

Shop for the Best Lines

This is true in any category, but Anytime TD Scorer bettors will benefit greatly from comparing odds at different sportsbooks. The market isn’t as tight and it is common to find one bet at +200 at one book and the same bet at another at +400.

Players like Lamar Jackson and Taysom Hill, quarterbacks that are very good runners and score several rushing touchdowns, can offer tons of value to bettors. But, bettors that like one of these guys can often find them at better odds just by using an odds comparison tool. There are several out there. Do yourself a favor and use one.

Avoid Players with Minus Odds

Remember, the goal is greater profits. A winning percentage of 30 percent is acceptable in this category, but you need to be betting on players at plus-money. 

In a given week, there will be roughly 30 to 35 players offered at minus-odds in the Anytime TD Scorer prop category. Some players may be listed at minus-odds most weeks of the season. Don’t forget; this market is extremely volatile. Betting at minus-odds means you lose big. Betting at plus-odds means you win big. 

Stay Cool When Betting Anytime TD Scorer Prop

Here’s the deal. If you want to bet in this category on a weekly basis, you are going to lose. A lot. For every ten bets in this market, if you win three you probably have a shot at ending up winning money. 

Keep in mind that the best offenses in the NFL score 3.7 touchdowns per game. There will be games when the best offenses struggle. It happens. Be realistic. Develop a sports betting strategy for success. Do your homework and strive to make value bets in the Anytime TD Scorer prop market. If you do, you can find success.