Mobile betting guide

Gaming on the Go: Mobile betting guide

Mobile betting is always more exciting. Whether you are right next to the race track or a rail track or watching a baseball game, you can bet right from your seat without so much as moving or making a phone call. Check with your existing favorite sports’ betting site to see if they have a mobile betting feature on the site. If they do, you will probably need to download some little software onto your cell phone. This software enables you to connect with your sports’ betting site, login securely and place your bets.

If your existing sports’ betting site does not offer mobile betting feature, you would have to register with a site that does. Once you complete the basic formalities, you can start betting on your mobile or cell phone.

What are the benefits of betting on a mobile device?
Since we are all busy with our lives, sometimes, we do not have the time to sit in front of the computer all the time or go to sports books just to place a bet. The mobile phone or smart phones in particular have become the most intuitive tools for easier connectivity. They run very much like small computers so you can browse and place your bets online via the cell phone browser which securely connects with the sports’ betting site. This means if you are sitting in a plane or in a car or running late for a sports event, thanks to mobile phone betting, your bets will still be on time. What about research prior to placing a bet? Each smart phone has a built-in browser so you could quite easily connect to the internet and do as much research as you like.

So how do you make a bet?
First, you open your phone browser and connect to the site. In fact, bookmarking your sports’ betting site might be a good idea so you don’t have to key in the URL every time you need to connect with your sport’s betting site or place a bet. Once you are connected to your sports’ betting site, simply head for the spots book page. There are different kinds of bets used in sports betting so you would have to select the kind of bet you wish to make. There is the straight bet, point spread, parlays and so on. It is necessary that you have an understanding as to how sports betting works. If you don’t, then it might be a good idea to try out their demo software first. Usually, depending on the games, there are 2 numbers you are dealing with. The first one is the positive integer and the next one is the negative, plus goes to the underdog team and the minus is for the winning team. Be sure that you know the bet that you will make.

Now, you have to select the sports that you wish to bet on. There are a number of popular sports that you can choose. There is basketball, football and many other games that you can place bets on. You just have to know what games offer the best edge and the ones with better odds. If you are more of a leisurely bettor, choose the game that you like the most. Once you select the game, you will have to choose the player or players or events you wish to place your bets on. After choosing the bets, select the amount you wish to bet. You then save the transaction. You will receive an SMS confirmation that you made a bet and it will contain a confirmation number. Do not delete that number because you will require it to collect the winnings.

Where should you bet?
There are so many sites that you can access via phone applications or via browser that can allow you to bet on particular games. However every site will have particular expertise on the games. Some will be better for football and others on basketball. When choosing a site, you need to know these small details because they could impact your gaming. Of course, you also need to know if the site is reliable and secure. Choose popular sites like,, amongst others for a more secure betting experience. The last thing that you want is your money being wasted just because you did not register with a secure site.

Technologies used in mobile betting
It all depends on the phone technology as well as the software or platform used. On some mobile phones, an old technology called “WAP” is still used which would be like making a phone call to the server. Now there is GPRS. When it comes to interface, you can opt for an on browser system or an application that you can get in the device store. Such applications usually come free and are designed for faster, easier and secure betting. Select the platform that best suits the cell phone you are using.

What phones to use.
Not all sites will be compatible and they will come in different platforms so buy the right one for your cell phone. If your cell phone is a ‘smart phone’ then the chances are it will be compatible with all the sports’ betting sites. Check also what the site has to offer and if they have a secure interface for playing via the mobile phone. The online platform is very important since you can enjoy playing while being sure that the site is easy to use. There are so many sites and there are also various kinds of phones. It is enjoyable and easier now to bet on your mobile phone since you can do anything without any worries.

Manage your money well and just like other regular betting activities, use only the money that you are willing to lose. Also, familiarize yourself with the various betting terms. Obviously, you also need to make sure you have a GPRS enable phone with an internet connection – both are required to connect to the internet.