NHL Postseason Betting Action

NHL Postseason betting is a favorite of all sports bettors. You don’t need to be a hockey fan to profit on the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs

As the NHL regular season continues to wind down, avid hockey bettors know that the best is yet to come. It’s soon to be the start of the annual Stanley Cup Playoffs. There is nothing more exciting than playoff hockey. With everything on the line in each round of a best-of-seven series to determine which team moves on.

What makes the NHL postseason so unique is its structure.

The top four teams from each of the four divisions battle it out in the first two rounds of action. 

The best team from the Atlantic Division and the Metro Division then face off against one another in the Eastern Conference Championship. The winning team from the first two rounds in the Central and Pacific Division clash in the finals of the Western Conference.

Each conference champion puts everything on the line in the best-of-seven Stanley Cup Finals.

NHL Postseason Betting Nuances

The one constant throughout the entire NHL postseason is the thrill and excitement of betting on the games. Unlike most other professional sports leagues. The teams with the best regular season records do not always prevail as the playoffs wear on. It is common to see a No. 1 divisional seed falter in the opening round.

Regular upsets in postseason hockey adds some tremendous betting value to NHL underdogs. This holds true on the money line odds for individual games as well as in an online sportsbook’s NHL playoffs series price odds.

Underdogs offer huge value

The high level of familiarity between the divisional teams playing one another in the first two rounds adds a higher level of predictability in the outcome of the games. Home ice is not as big of an edge as home field in football or home court in basketball.


What To Watch When Betting the Postseason

Current playing form is a much more important factor when handicapping the games. It can be a huge factor when NHL Postseason betting. A hot goalie alone can carry their team further than expected in the postseason run. A scoring line playing in sync is another significant edge when it comes to gauging a team’s current form.

The best offshore NHL sportsbooks add to the excitement of playoff hockey with an expanded betting board for the games.

NHL moneylines and total lines will always generate the most betting action on the games. However, they are just two of the many betting markets in place for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Value When Betting the NHL Postseason

As mentioned, individual series price odds offer some excellent betting value.

The numbers change after each game of a series is played. It’s what helps provide so much action for NHL Postseason betting.

This creates an excellent opportunity to double down on a previous series price wager when things are going your way. Or hedge that same bet when a series gets off to an unexpected start.

Game props are expanded for postseason matchups to build upon an extremely popular betting market for the NHL. Live in-game betting moves to a whole new level given the excitement of playoff hockey. Ties in regulation are much more common in the postseason to open up numerous betting opportunities on the NHL puck line or betting three-way lines.

The best course of action for betting this season’s NHL run to the Stanley Cup title is to fully familiarize yourself with everything your favorite online sports betting sites have to offer. You can create a highly diversified betting strategy that will give you the best chance for a positive return on your investment.