Online Sportsbooks’ Favorite Team Bonus Program

Today’s top online sportsbooks are working harder than ever to earn your business through the overall diversity in their sports betting options to the wide array of bonuses, promotions and incentives they offer that are designed to reward your loyalty while extending your overall betting bankroll.

One of the most unique incentives that some of these top-rated online books have put in place concerns the bets you place on your favorite teams. The basic concept behind this very popular bonus program involves the chance to obtain a better pointspread when betting on your top two teams in both college football and the NFL for the duration of those two regular seasons as well as on your top two teams in college basketball and the NBA all regular season long as well.

All you need to do to take advantage of this one-of- a-kind betting opportunity is choose your designated teams before the start of the regular season in all four of these leagues. Once you have designated two teams as your favorite, they must remain the same for the duration of that year’s regular season.

Once you have your two favorite teams in place, the real fun begins as you bet on their games.If you decided to go with the Green Bay Packers as one of your NFL favorites, you will get an extra half point on the current spread when you bet their games. For example, if Green Bay is four-point favorite against Minnesota that week, you can bet Green Bay at -3.5 points. It does not take an expert handicapper to figure out just how valuable this half point can be when you consider just how many millions of dollars have been won (or lost) on half point difference in the spread.

As mentioned, this promotion only applies to bets made on regular season games and they usually only apply to a straight bet on a side as opposed to total lines as well as exotics such as parlays, teasers or if-bets. This promotion is also just for straight bets on an entire game, so it will not apply to any bets on a half or quarters. None the less, when you add up just how many games this promotion does apply to over the course the regular season for all four sports, there are more than enough betting opportunities to really make things work in your favor. Most online books also have betting limits in place on a per bet basis, but some are as high as $3000 for NCAA football and basketball games and $5000 for bets placed on your two favorite NFL and NBA teams.

Another great aspect of a favorite team bonus program is its overall simplicity. Some of the rollover requirements for new account bonuses and reload deposit bonuses can get a bit complicated and cumbersome when you start delving into the fine print of a book’s rules andregulations surrounding these offers. The favorite team incentive gives you a built in half point edge against the books for eight different teams in every regular season game they play. It is that simple.

The trickiest part of this bonus program is coming up with the two teams for each league. This is going to require some upfront thought to take full advantage of the value in each team’s odds. The books know that the majority of their players will take perennial favorites such as New England in the NFL or Golden State in the NBA, but your betting strategy should be to take the two teams in each league where the half point offers the most value. A good starting point could be to track every team’s record covering against the spread over the past few regular seasons.