The Best Pay Per Head Providers in 2022

The Top Pay Per Head Bookie Software in 2022

Whether you’re an established bookie or just starting out in the industry, you should partner with a pay per head (PPH) to streamline the operation. You’ll also be able to grow much faster.

We’re going to discuss how to pick the best pay per head provider.

With hundreds of PPH companies fighting for your business, it can be overwhelming trying to select the best option. Let’s analyze the most important factors to consider when researching PPHs.

If you don’t have time to read through the list, our top pay per head provider this year is Realbookies

Top Price Per Head Providers for 2022

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With over 2000 agents and over 50,000 players during the football season is one of the pay per head industry giants. They can be found on the top of the major search engines which shows they have a good reputation and a stellar record over the years. The people behind this organization have been around for several years and it shows them why they handle their agents


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Your entire book making operation will take off after hiring a premium price per head service like 247PPH. They are considered an industry leader, providing competitive lines on a highly stable network with an easy to use interface. Add in the best customer service team in the business, and it is easy to see why many agents have switched to 247PPH.


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What Features Are the Most Important for Bookies Researching Pay Per Head Services

  1. The Team’s Experience Trumps Anything Else

Would you open a restaurant without an experienced chef and cooks? Not if you want to succeed. Well, the same can be said about partnering with a PPH provider. You want an experienced team.

Not only is experience important, but the size of the team should play a role in your decision.

A small PPH shop can’t realistically cater to too many clients. PPH providers handle many day-to-day tasks and they need a large team of industry veterans to keep things running smoothly.

Spend time trying to learn about the owners of the business and the team behind them.

The main thing you want to ensure is that the staff are English-speaking. The staff will be dealing with your clients on a daily basis and you don’t want to lose players because of the PPH you join.

  1. Technology Stack (Software, Hosting, etc.)

The second step should be researching the technology stack.

A lot of pay per head providers are using outdated software that hasn’t been modernized. Here are some tips for ensuring you join a PPH service utilizing an updated technology stack.

  • PPH Software: Analyze the available features of the software. Does the software only allow you to run a sportsbook or can you also run a racebook, casino and poker room?
  • Hosting: The last thing a bookie needs is their website going down on an NFL Sunday. PPHs host your website and therefore you need to ensure they’re using suitable servers (hosting).

Bonus Tip: Look past the basic software capabilities. It’s more important to analyze whether the PPH offers live betting, mobile betting and live dealer casino games, as these are newer features.

  1. Betting Board

It’s not enough to offer point spread, moneyline and totals betting markets nowadays.

Your players will want to be able to bet on live sports in-play, props, futures, teasers and more. In order to offer all of these betting markets, the PPH needs a competent team of oddsmakers.

To keep players loyal to your brand, you should also offer horse racing betting and casino games. This way you get all of your players’ action and they have no reason to gamble online anywhere else.

Several of the best pay per head providers also allow bookies to operate an online poker room.

  1. Reporting Capabilities

Bookies spend hours analyzing reports to determine how much they’re making or losing. It’s important to join a PPH with real-time automated reports covering all aspects of your business.

You should be able to bring up a report detailing your hold percentage, settlement activity and more.

It’s also important to be able to adjust any of the reports. You may need to adjust reports for numerous reasons, including cancelling bets, disbursements or to record bonuses given to your players.

  1. Bookie Tools

These features may not seem important initially, but as you grow, they can become imperative to have.

You don’t want to have to complete the onboarding process with multiple pay per head providers, so it’s important to ensure you’re picking the best PPH service from the beginning.

Here are some of the bookie tools that should be available:

  • Bet Ticker: Being able to check what bets are placed in real-time is vital as you grow. You may need to make adjustments to the odds or even layoff some action when it’s too lopsided.
  • Layoff Account: The PPH provider should have a layoff account for clients. This allows bookies to lower their exposure on specific betting markets if they have one-sided action.
  • Call Center: Find out whether the PPH provider offers a 24/7 call center. PPHs will handle all of the telephone support and accept telephone bets if they have a call center.
  1. Cost of the Pay Per Head Service

If the PPH service checks all of the boxes aboves, the next step is analyzing the price.

You should never be paying more than $10/head. This means you should pay $10 per week for each active player. An active player is one that has made at least one wager during the week.

Never join a pay per head that charges for inactive accounts or with minimums. It’s also a good idea to check for discounts based on volume, so that you pay less per player as you grow your business.

Three Tips for Finding the Best Pay Per Head Service

  1. Always Ask for a Demo Account Before Joining a PPH Provider

The best pay per head providers offer demo accounts allowing prospective clients to analyze all of the features, including the software and admin panel. If there’s no demo account, there’s likely a reason.

If you’re happy with the software and backend, it’s time to give the PPH company a chance.

  1. Claim a Pay Per Head Free Trial

Due to the competition in the pay per head industry, the top PPH providers offer free trials.

Generally, a bookie can receive up to four weeks of service absolutely free. This not only allows you to test out every feature with your player list, but it gives you time to bank some profits.

  1. Don’t Sign Any Contracts

The best PPH services don’t have contracts, commitments or minimums to meet.

If a PPH is trying to get you to sign a contract, run away. You should be able to cancel anytime without risk of fees or penalties. The best PPHs aren’t in the business of trying to make a quick buck.

The PPH you join should essentially act as a partner in your business without profit-sharing. They make more money as your business grows, so they should be willing to provide expertise. At the end of the day, picking the best pay per head provider isn’t too difficult once you understand what features should be available. Don’t rush into anything and perform adequate research.