Finding the Perfect Pay Per Head Sportsbook Solution

Pay Per Head services are a dime a dozen these days and there is one simple reason behind this; bookies are turning to them. The local bookie no longer has time to service a list full of clients and meet their demands on a daily basis. What bookies are finding out is that the cost of a PPH service is worth every penny. If you are a bookie and looking to ease your responsibilities and work load, then by all means find a great PPH

247PPH offers sportsbook, casino and horse racing pph bookie software for only $10 per week. They are considered an industry leader, providing competitive lines on a highly stable network with an easy to use interface. Add in the best customer service team in the business, and it is easy to see why many agents have switched to 247PPH.

A1 per head service is known for having amazing prices and a premium service. This company strives to offer quality lines, instant grading, reliable internet and phone service and superior customer support, all at the best price.

Agents will benefit from the experience of A1 PPH’s managers, lines people, clerks and tech support. All of them have made this company one of the most trusted names in the PPH industry.
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Internet Accounts ONLY: $10 per head or less

Phone and Internet: $10 per head or less

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1 Price Per Head – $10 Per Head or LESS

Nowadays hundreds of agents trust A1 PPH and their excellent bookie software. The company can take any business to the next level. Join their service today and find out how they can help grow a business for $10 per head or less. is one of the leading per head sites in the world. They boast over a 1000 agents and have over 50,000 players during the football season.

They can be found on the top of the major search engines which shows they have a good reputation and a stellar record over the years.

The people behind this organisation have been around for several years and it shows they why they handle there agents.

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Our commitment to you is real and we have had the same objective since we open our doors for business. We have thousands of satisfied customers that expect nothing but the best service from us and this helps us improve as time progresses. We are the trusted pay per head provider world wide.

Your entire book making operation will take off after hiring a premium price per head service like ours. With us you will be able to manage player profiles, move lines and give or remove access to certain parts of the sportsbook. Our software is flexible enough to run any device with an internet browser

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The DNA of a PPH-What services do they perform and what do they look like online?

Most sports, racebook and casino clients never have a clue that they are on a PPH site. A PPH site looks and functions like any other online sportsbook and casino. They come loaded with all the features of the hundreds of online casinos that are in operation today and it’s safe to say that a vast majority of the online casinos are exactly that; Pay Per Head services. When a potential client performs an organic Google search for casino and sportsbook related services, it’s a guarantee that many of the listed searched sites on the first page will be operated as a PPH. The gaming world has discovered that using a PPH is easy, quick, and cost-effective and it’s a fully functional, ready to operate-turnkey service.

Benefits of a PPH:

  1. Fast startup, can be functional the same day.
  2. Reasonable cost, the better PPH services usually charge around $10 per player, per week.
  3.  A fully functional sportsbook, racebook and casino with all of today’s favorite table games, featuring live blackjack, and even a poker room.
  4. The sportsbook can be customized to the bookies preference, such as limits per player, custom line movement and prop bets that are offered.
  5. Toll free customer service hotline that is offered to the client as well as the bookie.
  6. Page customization and full-no touch backend support. You the bookie, will never have to deal with customizing the lay-out or if there is ever a backend programing problem, you will never deal with these issues. The best PPH sites today offer gaming software that is unparalleled in the industry and they guarantee a 99% up time.
  7. Easy deposit methods and easy payout options for both the client and bookie.
  8. All sporting events are graded for the client and all bookkeeping is done by the PPH. Reports are accessible 24 hours a day. Cash flow reports, win/losses, net and gross profits…absolutely everything is taken care of by the PPH.

How does billing work?

As a bookie, you are billed for usage per client and as stated above, the price from the more reputable PPH service is around $10 per player, per week. The way this works; you are billed when the player makes his first bet for the week. You are billed once for that player. If you are paying $10 per head then once that player makes a wager, you will be charged. The player has an entire week of bets that he can make and the number is unlimited. He can bet once or 300 times or as many many bets that he chooses, you the bookie are billed a $10 flat fee for the entire week. If that player does not play, you are not billed.

You only have 5-10 players, is a PPH worth your time?

Absolutely a PPH is worth your time and it matters not the amount of players, whether 1 or 4,000. Stop wasting time going this alone. Having a bookie service is supposed to be fun, not a nightmare. Switch today and watch profits soar.