Picking the Right Sportsbook to bet the NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs have kicked off this year with a bang and they are hotter and better than ever. If you are an NBA fan and have yet to hit up your favorite online sportsbook; what could you possibly be waiting for? The time is now, the first couple of games in each series have been spectacular and as a basketball bettor you have no time to waste. There is money to be made, dial up your bookie and check out the latest numbers. The lines and odds are up, they are supercharged and you must get the most competitive lines.

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In the online betting world, there is a vast amount of competition. Who do you chose as a sportsbook, are they honest, trustworthy and reliable? Possibly you have been with your sportsbook for several years and you are happy, that’s perfect. If you are happy with them, keep them. Great books are hard to come by, but they do exist and they are available.

Smart Gamblers (Wise Guys) Have More than One Sportsbook:

It’s true, “wise guys” often have as many as four or five sportsbook. Why?

Top reasons for having multiple sportsbooks…

  1. The number one reason that it is wise to have more than one book is “better numbers”. As a gambler, you must shop around for the best numbers possible. A five cent, ten cent or twenty cent difference can make or break your bottom line. Why settle for bad lines? Why not shop around? You shop around for tangible products, you must shop around for the best lines and odds on sports.
  2. Certain bookies cater to specific sports, especially when considering the “big four’. When gambling on basketball, football, baseball or hockey, you want to find a sportsbook that specializes in that sport or a book that gives great bonuses on your sport of choice. Don’t settle,find a book that offers a fantastic bonus and one that will not tie you down for months with unnecessary rollover.
  3. Live and Dynamic lines: You want them, you need them and if you are a serious player, you play them. Not all bookies are created equal, not all bookies offer dynamic lines and if they do; are you getting the best numbers? Watch closely, live line betting presents a great opportunity for making money very quickly. Having several sportsbooks in your back pocket will allow you to shop during the actual sporting event. You can make a pile of money betting live and you can hedge if need be!

Features that “wise guys” look for in a top of the line sportsbook…

  1. A toll free number that can be accessed from the United States and a book that features live customer service.
  2. The best sports bonuses in the business, on the sport of your choice.
  3. Fast and convenient payouts.
  4. Quick and convenient deposit methods.
  5. A stellar reputation.

There are great online reviews of the best sportsbooks available today. Do your homework, it will pay off in the end.

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