Offshore Sportsbooks vs US Sportsbooks: International Competition

It has been forever the debate: Offshore Sportsbooks vs US Sportsbooks. The sports betting calendar tends to slow down significantly in July and August but that does not mean there is nothing to bet on during the summer months. That is especially true this year.

The NBA Finals have been extended into the first half of July. The Open Championship in golf returns as the fourth Major of the season. This year’s tournament will take place at Royal St. George’s in Kent, England from Thursday, July 15 through Sunday, July 18.

2021 Summer Olympics

The biggest addition to the betting board is the Summer Olympics in Japan. Originally scheduled for last summer, the competition this year will run from Friday, July 23 right through Sunday, Aug. 8.

Another addition to the 2021 summer sports betting schedule is the return of football north of the border in Canada. The CFL will resume play this year with a modified 12-game schedule covering 14 weeks of betting action. Week 1 of the 2021 CFL regular season gets underway starting on Thursday, Aug 5.

Daily MLB betting remains the highlight of the betting board with the 2021 regular season kicking off its second-half run to the playoffs.

When you add it all up, there is still quite a bit of action to bet on over the next two months.

The unique spin is the international nature of the competition.

Whether it is golf in England or track & field in Japan, the best way to get in on all the betting action is through offshore sportsbooks offering an online betting platform to US players. Always be sure that you choose a sportsbook that caters to you!

Offshore Sportsbooks vs US Sportsbooks

The top-rated offshore books have been posting odds and betting lines for international sports and sporting events for more than 20 years. They cover a wide range of betting options from the US market to all seven continents around the world. With so much variety in obscure sports, you might want to consider some pro selection packages from trusted cappers.

The sportsbooks that are based in the US still have some major catching up to do. They have been around for around three years and still learning the ropes when it comes to competitive odds for international competitions.

You will be able to bet the basics of the Summer Olympics at the US books. However, they will not be able to match the overall diversity of betting options the offshore books can bring to the table.

Rules Differ in the US

US books are still regulated by the betting rules in each individual state they operate in. Offshore books operate under much less stringent regulations when it comes to the type of betting options offered.

A perfect example of this disparity would be the Summer Olympics. Offshore books have already begun to build out their betting boards with futures and prop bet odds for different aspects of the Summer Games.

Stay Incognito Offshore – Offshore Sportsbooks vs US Sportsbooks

While every online book will offer betting lines for the men’s and women’s basketball or soccer competition. The offshore sportsbooks are always going to go one step further when it comes to adding options to the board for events such as surfing, rugby or badminton.

As the summer of 2021 wears on, do yourself a favor and compare the overall betting board at one of your favorite offshore books against what the most popular US-based sportsbook has to offer.

Diversity is a key component of any sports betting strategy. Having the ability to add a wider range of betting action to any sport or sporting event you decide to wager on is very important. It is also going to enhance your overall chance to generate a positive return on investment.