Roulette rules

The most popular game: Understanding Online Roulette Rules

The game of roulette can be traced way back to the 17th century France. This game is one of the most popular games from Europe and it is also the seasoned game in Monte Carlo in Monaco. In fact, Monte Carlo or Monaco itself is the most popular gaming location when it comes to roulette especially for the high rollers.

Here is the basic premise of the game. A total of 8 players can play the game of roulette at one time against the casino. The casino is then represented by the so called croupier who is more popularly known as the dealer. What he does is to spin the wheel, call for wagers and manage the payouts. In the European version of this game, there are 37 slots on the wheel with 36 numbers and 1 zero. In the US, there is the double zero and that adds one more slot making it a total of 38 slots on the wheel.

The player will first buy chips that are differently colored. This is necessary to prevent any mix ups in the bets. In the online casino version, you do not worry about that since it will be you against the machine and the machine or software can identify each and every player. The software will serve as the croupier. If you win on the round, the chips you win are added to your roll. If you wish, exchange them at the cashier once you are through.

In playing roulette, you have to make a bet or a series of bets on the numbers, including zero on a specially made table beside the wheel. Once the bets are placed, you can launch the roulette to start spinning the wheel. In a land based game, the croupier will notify the players if they cannot make any more changes to the bets. He will say No more Bets. Then the croupier will spin the wheel, add the ball and will wait till the result arrives. Any winner will be given their due winnings and the losing bets will be removed from the table.

Let us talk about the house edge at roulette. On the European version of the game, the edge is around 2.7%. On the American version, it is higher at 5.26%. There are even some variations that can have a house edge at 7.9%. The advantage or edge is calculated by taking a small percentage from the winners’ prize.

Let us now look at some of the rules. The first one is the prison.. This is a rule that is applied on EVEN MONEY bets and is implemented by some casinos only. When the result is a zero, the casino will let the player take half of the bet or leave it (thus the name) to run another spin at roulette. In another situation, if the spin results in a zero, the bet is lost. The La Partage rule is quite similar to en prison but the difference is that you get only half the bet and you do not have any chance to run another spin with the bet. This works on the OUTSIDE bets like the even-money, red black, odd even or high low bets. Check the online roulette rules and see which type of rules they implement so that you can adjust your bets accordingly. La Partage has a 1.35% house edge in European Roulette and 2.63% in the American version.

Now let us look at the payouts that you can get from this game. If you bet on a number only, that is called the straight bet and it pays 35:1. You will get 36 actually. If there is no advantage you get 37 in European and 38 in the American version. A split bet or two numbers pays 17:1. Three numbers or street bet will pay 11:1. Four numbers or comer bet will pay 8:1. Six numbers will pay 5:1. If you bet on the outside dozen or a whole column, the pay is 2:1. Outside the even money bet, the pay is 1:1.

Here are your objectives for the game. To win, the player has to make a guess on which number or color or side the ball will land on when the wheel stops spinning. However, there are no special strategies to know where it will land since it is purely based on luck. There are some players who go for consistently winning or hot numbers. These are most likely to come up more than other numbers. Others have different styles of guessing but it is really mainly about you making the right amount of bets on each round. Some apply both betting strategies and guessing strategies.

The rules on French roulette are similar to that of the general European roulette. There are 37 numbers on the wheel and one zero. However, the betting table is differently laid out. Again, the odds for the bets in French roulette are similar as with the European version. It still has the same concept and of course, you just have to deal in French. Nonetheless, you play the same game.

The game of roulette is really amazing and exciting. The fantastic appeal of this game can certainly give you a lot of exciting moments online. It is fun to make guesses on which number will come up. Some are really good at guessing, others seem to have some kind of strategy working for them. It is nice to win big in a game of roulette online but the best strategy is to manage your betting well. Since this is a fast paced game, you could lose money faster though not as instantly as betting on horse races where you make big bets at once. Always look at your bankroll and see how much you are willing to lose for roulette game. Lastly, but more importantly, have fun. The appeal of online roulette is all about fun so sit back relax and watch if the spin of the wheel brings lady luck to your side.