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Modern technology has made the advent of the home computer accessible to nearly every household in America and the world for that matter. Subsequently, Online Sports betting sites have begun advertising their services online to compete directly against more established telephone sportsbooks. For many gaming enthusiasts this sports betting alternative has become immensely popular and convenient option. We selected and set up accounts with several online sportsbooks. Keep in mind that even though you may have come across information on the internet which leads you to believe that there are hundreds and hundreds of online sports betting sites, the truth of the matter is, there are less than one hundred sites that are fully operational. Furthermore, when we narrowed our focus to those sites that have been in business at least five years, we only found a few that met our criteria. All the others have been in business for less than 5 years, are in the process of being licensed, or are merely dreaming. Since online sports betting allows its players to gamble with smaller increments of money, we deposited only $200.00 into each service to open our accounts. Our research revealed many similarities, yet distinct differences between telephone and betting online.

Typically, most telephone Sportsbooks require a deposit of $1,000 to open your account and their minimum wager is $100. Online Sports Betting sites have revolutionized the industry by accepting bets as low as $5.00 and require an initial deposit for only the amount you choose to wager. Another major difference is the convenience of being able to wager over the net 24/7.