Is Internet Gambling Legal or Illegal?

We get this question a lot here at Players who or want to bet online would like to know if it’s legal or illegal to gamble on the internet. The short answer is NO, it’s not illegal to gamble online as a player. Also, the government will not make it illegal for a player

Reverse Line Movement

One of the most peculiar things in sports betting is the reverse line movement. That is, when the majority of the public is betting on one side of a point spread, and, instead of moving up, the spread moves down. For example, if the Southern California Trojans were 7 point favorites and 75% of the

Betting Terms

There are different betting and gambling terms when it comes to sports betting, that all vary in risk versus reward. Straight bet – This is one of the betting terms that is the most popular form of sports betting. In the general the “Vig” or “Juice” is 10% or -110. -110 means you must bet $110

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting provides one of the best ways for recreational bettors to add a buzz to an average betting day. But is it possible for those parlay tickets to net a significant payout? Everybody has seen it before. Some guy at the bar goes bananas. He’s clutching a ticket like it was the Vince Lombardi

Advantages of Sports Betting

Sports betting is a form of gambling for serious bettors or friends who want to bet small amounts in the outcome of a game, a fight or a race. Professional bettors and big spenders might bet thousands of dollars on the outcome of games but other bettors simply enjoy risking a couple of dollars to

Betting NHL totals

When betting NHL totals, there is no money line or puck line and you are not betting on a team to win or lose, you are betting the number of goals scored in the game by both teams. The totals are also called the over/under, as you are betting if the amount of goals scored

Betting Golf

Golf betting does not offer a lot of options, but there are ways to make money for sure. Golf has major events such as the Masters, the British Open, PGA Championship and US Open, just to name a few. But there are tournaments all year and many opportunities to bet golf. There are more options

Benefits of Sports Handicapping

Sports handicapping is a process in which cappers predict the winners in a game, as well as the performance of the teams in the season. Sports handicappers usually work for sportsbooks, for pick services or for sports bettors. Handicapping is a part of every sport on which people bet. Handicapping involves a complete and ongoing

Beating NFL First Quarter Lines

Bettors no longer have to look at mere sides and/or game totals to strike it rich as mostly all the online sports books (and many Las Vegas) outlets provide first and second half wagering lines along with quarter by quarter prices too on football betting. Suffice to say, many NFL football betting players have found

Basketball Betting Totals Strategies

One of the most profitable ways for betting basketball, especially the NBA, is game totals, more commonly known as over/under betting. Most sharp basketball bettors consider these much easier to pick than the point spread. We will take a look at certain things you need to analyze when making game total bets. Yes, you are