Stay Away from These Lazy Sports Betting Strategies

Bettors should stay away from these lazy sports betting strategies.

Key Points

– Following lazy sports betting strategies is not conducive to winning more bets.

– All sports betting strategies should result in a strong value bet.

Stay Away from These Lazy Sports Betting Strategies

When it comes to sports betting, everyone wants to make quick cash. But is it really possible to make money when you bet on sports?

Tons of bettors will find a strategy they like and try to stick to some basic guidelines. Sometimes, the guidelines are not the best ideas in terms of sports betting strategies. In the end, sports bettors adopt these strategies – like betting heavy favorites in college football – and end up losing consistently.

Here is a look at some of these so-called lazy sports bettings strategies and why they don’t work. Ultimately, you want to stay away from these.

The Home Underdog

One of the oldest lazy betting strategies is this one. When you didn’t want to do any research, it was an easy way to make a wager. Just bet on the home underdog. 

However, the bookmakers became aware of this strategy and adjusted the odds, making it impossible to make money over the long run by just betting on home underdogs. It is often considered advantageous for teams to play at home. They don’t have to disrupt their schedules. They get to play in front of their own fans. They don’t have to travel, etc.

When a home team is not the favorite, there has to be a reason. Remember, the house wins more often than the public. That’s why sportsbooks are still in business. If the books have made a home team the underdog, bettors are going to need some good reasons to wager on the home team. 

There could be any number of reasons why you might back (or not back) a home underdog. In the NFL for example, it could be unusual weather conditions. Certain players, particularly skill players like quarterbacks and receivers, may play differently in certain conditions.

A game’s outcome can be altered by injuries too. Bettors may find out certain players will be out of a game. They may also learn of players that will be available after returning from an injury. In relation to injuries, it’s also important to understand a team’s backup players. A team with great depth can overcome injuries. One that lacks depth will have problems. 

These are all areas that bettors must consider when looking at home underdogs. The key though is to remember that blindly betting on home underdogs is not listed among winning sports betting strategies.


Lazy Sports Betting Strategies – Heavy Moneyline Favorites

Betting on big moneyline favorites, especially in MLB, has killed more bettors than Mt. Everest has killed climbers. You don’t win more MLB bets by betting favorites all the time. It’s the same in other sports too where consistently betting big favorites will eventually lead to your demise.

A few years ago in the NBA, Philadelphia was rebuilding and the Miami Heat were one of the better teams in the league. The Heat was a huge favorite even on the road in Philadelphia. Miami was listed at -230 to win.

The lazy bettor sees Miami against the Sixers and thinks automatic win. Again, this is why you should stray from lazy sports betting strategies like betting the big favorites. Upon closer examination, Dwayne Wade was sitting the night out and the Heat were playing their third road game in a row. That should have been enough for any bettor to simply back off.

The lazy bettor would have laid out $230 to win $100 and ended up with a hole in his wallet. The thing about big moneyline favorites is that when you lose, you lose big. When you win, you win small. 

That’s not to say that you never bet on big moneyline favorites, but a steady diet of them will eventually bankrupt you.

Stay Away from These Lazy Sports Betting Strategies

Just Follow the Experts

Bettors can go online every single day and find thousands and thousands of sports predictions and pro handicapper picks. Bettors can usually find multiple picks for games they like on any given day.

Some of these so-called experts are pretty good and have solid winning records. There are many that do not. Blindly following “experts” is another recipe for losing. If you don’t do the research yourself, simply leaving it to someone else and then following can lead to losses.

You will never create your own successful sports betting strategies if you only bet on the teams that a professional advises you to. You must choose your own games, understand why you choose them, and learn how to make better decisions going forward.

Consider the recommendations made by the experts, then conduct your own research to determine which games you like and dislike. Keep track of the outcomes, and you’ll probably discover that you are becoming a better game picker than the “expert.”

Final Note

Being disciplined is essential to being a successful sports bettor. You might as well play slots or roulette if you aren’t prepared to put in the time and effort necessary to become a successful sports bettor.

Don’t hit the easy button when it comes to your sports betting choices. Avoid the lazy sports betting strategies that send so many bettors throughout the world to their demise. Learn from their failures and choose strategies that work. Your bankroll will thank you.