Tips for Betting the 2022 NFL Draft

Betting the 2022 NFL Draft gives bettors mid-offseason wagering opportunities.

The NFL Off-Season

The biggest betting event tied to the NFL offseason is the annual college player draft. Over the past few years, the late-April time frame has grown into a significant betting event for a number of different reasons.

Once the draft is completed, the NFL releases its weekly game schedule for the regular season. That’s when the total number of offseason betting options at online sportsbooks explodes.

Even though there are still four months plus until Week 1 of the new season, the NFL draft can be viewed as the starting point for avid football fans and bettors all across the country and around the world.


Betting the 2022 NFL Draft

Betting the 2022 NFL draft does require some planning and strategy. What used to be a few props covering the opening round of picks has turned into pages and pages of prop betting options.

The oddsmakers at the top online sportsbooks are only limited by their imagination. By creating your own betting strategy for the draft, you will give yourself the best chance to earn a positive return on your investment.

The first step in the process is to create a stand-alone budget for betting the draft. By putting a set limit in place, this will keep from going overboard on the actual real money bets you place. 

Getting through the NFL offseason with no live action on the board can be brutal for avid football bettors. The timing of the draft at the end of April gives bettors something solid to look forward to when it comes to finding some action on your favorite team or teams.

Even More Excitement in Vegas

This year’s NFL draft will be held in Las Vegas to add even more excitement to the proceedings at hand. The opening round of 32 picks will take place on Thursday night, April 28. This is also the most heavily bet aspect of the entire seven rounds.

Props for an individual player’s draft position capture quite a bit of betting volume.

This is especially true when it comes to the various skill positions such as quarterback, running back and wide receiver. Given the sheer amount of mock drafts in the marketplace, one handicapping technique is to look for a general consensus on any particular player.

For example, most NFL draft gurus expect Malik Willis to be the first quarterback off the board this year. Current football betting odds have him listed as a -165 favorite. The second quarterback on the list is Kenny Pickett at +130. From there, the odds balloon to +1000 that Matt Corral is the first quarterback taken in the draft.

Tips for Betting the 2022 NFL Draft

The odds alone point to a pretty strong consensus that Willis will be taken first.

However, Pickett remains attractive at plus money. Any other quarterback going first is too far of a reach and probably a waste of money on an actual bet.

You can also find betting props for how many players at one particular position will be drafted in the opening round. There is some value to be found in the numbers. Only if you are willing to put the time and effort into the overall sports handicapping process.

You can also find some specific prop bet options for Friday night’s second and third round of draft picks. Things quiet down for Saturday’s final four rounds. However, as the weekend progresses and you’re still looking at betting the 2022 NFL Draft.

By going through the entire list of available betting props for the upcoming draft. You should be able to find a handful of bets that offer the best value in the posted odds.