Totalbets is a small online sportsbook and casino that started out in the business in 1999 and has created its own niche. It has changed owners once in those 12 years and is currently one of the most under rated sportsbooks online.

We have toured and reviewed the Totalbets office in Costa Rica and were highly impressed with the infrastructure and staff on board. They have in place some of the most respected and experienced managers and lines makers in the bookmaking business. The CEO was one of the first persons to go offshore in the late 90’s so has a wealth of experience behind him.

What makes this book different from the rest of the larger books is the personal attention every client receives when they contact support. The staff and players have a very good rapport with each other and this is not only due to the fact of the size of the company but also they only employ native English speaking clerks from mainly the US and Canada.

However, the deposit and withdrawal method is what really impressed us about Totalbets. They only accept person to person transfer which you can do over the phone and takes only a few minutes. They do not take credit cards due to the current restrictions in the US.

The owner explained that since current US laws are very restrictive on using credit cards for gaming, most companies that are taking them run the risk of not getting paid by the banks if Visa or Mastercard finds out they are a gaming company. This affects the liquidity of the company as now they have to find money from somewhere else to pay players who win and run the risk of going out of business if they can’t find the funds to pay.

However, with the person to person deposit model, this can’t happen as you send them cash and they send you cash when you win. Both parties receive the funds right away as no banks are involved.

This showed us they are in for the long haul and will be one of the sportsbooks still in business for the next several years.

As a first time player at Totalbets, they give you an incredible 100% bonus on your initial deposit of $100 or more. For more information on their bonuses, please go to

They offer wagering on NFL, NBA, College football and basketball, boxing, hockey, horses and also have a casino where you can try your hand at Blackjack, Slots and other games.