What Has Your Online Sportsbook Done for You Lately?

Have you even thought about what your online sportsbook has done for you? Eddie … what have you done for meeee lately??!

Today’s avid sports bettors are always looking for new and exciting ways to enhance and energize the entire online sports betting experience. Along the same lines, many experienced sports bettors are incredible creatures of habit.

Creatures of Habit

When these two betting traits collide, those same veteran bettors become paralyzed. Just the thought of changing out one online sportsbook for another. Even if their current experiences have not been the best.

Just like any other product or service that is part of your daily lifestyle. You need to constantly analyze an online sportsbook’s performance against your expectations. If everything lines up to meet (and hopefully exceed) your full satisfaction, you can proceed as usual.

However, if there are some significant gaps in performance versus expectations, it is probably time for a change.

Get Your Online Sportsbook Working For You

Today’s entire online sports betting industry has exploded with viable betting options. One of the biggest benefits of a highly competitive marketplace is online books raising the bar on the products and services they offer.

Average is not going to cut among a whole new breed of sophisticated sports bettors that are looking to enhance the overall online experience.

When a Bonus is Nothing More Than Live Bait

Too many sports bettors make the mistake of shopping for online sportsbooks based on specific promotional incentives being offered.

The first thing to keep in mind is that no online sportsbook is in the habit of giving money away for free. Most bonuses for matching deposits are geared towards high volume players. They come with hefty rollovers (play-through betting requirements) to collect the  actual bonus funds. There is also a rather tight time frame for satisfying these requirements.

If you happen to be a high-volume bettor, then searching for the best bonus offer probably makes sense. However, for most recreational sports bettors, maxed-out 100% deposit matching bonuses probably do not apply.


A more logical choice for betting sports online is finding a book that offers lower rollovers on bonus offers. A partial bonus match on a deposit may also make sense if there are lower rollovers tied to receiving the funds.

All Inclusive Customer Loyalty Incentives

Some of the highest rated online books in the industry will offer a rewards program where bettors can earn valuable points for their online betting. It’s a great time of year to find incentives. Take advantage of holiday betting specials.

These points do not have an expiration date so they can be saved and redeemed for things of value such as free bet credits.

Once again, these types of customer loyalty reward programs will benefit higher volume players. However, anyone can sign up and participate.

Grow your betting budget

Your Online Sportsbook Customer Referral Promotions

One type of customer promotional incentive that can put some extra money in your online betting account pertain to valid new customer referrals. As long as the person you refer does fund a new online betting account, you will get something in return.

Some online books will offer incentives on all new referrals with no set limits.

Understanding All the Terms and Conditions of Any Promotional Offer

Just like any special offer, be sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions involved. Your online sportsbook may have very specific rules.

One of the biggest complaints by bettors is not knowing exactly what it takes to collect the incentive funds tied to bonuses, incentives and promotional offers. Yet, the terms and conditions are clearly listed on the online book’s website or mobile betting app.