Win More NFL Bets with Game Advisers

Win more NFL bets with Game Advisers.

Key Points

– Winning more NFL bets starts with having a plan.

– Game Advisers AI software offers a revolutionary approach to winning more NFL bets.

Win More NFL Bets with Game Advisers

If you had a rough go of it last NFL season, don’t worry. Game Advisers has your back with revolutionary new software that can help any bettor achieve greater success in NFL betting.

Winning more NFL bets – or those in any sport – requires a couple things. It all starts with a plan. Then, the plan needs to be executed. As the season wears on, the smart bettors will assess how the plan is working and make any necessary changes.

If the plan is working, great. If it is not providing more wins and adding to the bankroll, it’s time to make some adjustments. 

The plan will likely include some simple tips and betting strategy as well as a solid football sportsbook. This year, your plan can include the services of Game Advisers, which shows you how to bet and win like the experts.

Analyze Your Betting Strategy

Part of your NFL betting plan for an upcoming season should focus on what strategy or strategies you will use. How exactly are you going to produce more wins and win more money? 

There are a number of winning strategies to put into place when betting on pro football. What every NFL bettor should do is learn to manage their money properly. It’s one of the biggest mistakes inexperienced bettors make.

It all starts with identifying the amount of money that the bettor is comfortable losing. This is the size of the bankroll. Smart bettors will wager 1 to 5 percent of their bankroll. Let’s say that the bankroll is $100. That means that the bet size will be $5 for those bets that the bettor really likes. 

Too often, bettors find themselves losing more often than not. They find a bet they really like and try to win it all back at once. They chase their losses with, for example, a $50 bet on a “sure thing.” This type of strategy doesn’t work. The bankroll will be gone before you know it.


NFL Bets & Strategy

It helps to understand how to take advantage of certain bets. In the NFL, game totals is one area where smart bettors can find value. Knowledge of certain NFL key numbers helps.

For example, more NFL games end with a final total score of 41 points than any other number. It’s also worth noting that games that have recorded wind speeds of eight miles per hour and higher typically go Under the total. 

Point spread bettors should be aware that more NFL games finish with a final scoring margin of three points than any other number. Most NFL games end with scoring margins of 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, and 14 points.

Injuries play a huge role in determining the outcome of games. Paying attention to the injury report throughout a game week can give the NFL bettor a distinct advantage.  A little knowledge plus the right research can help the average NFL bettor find bets that have value.

Buy Picks

Another key strategy move is the buying of sports picks. When you buy picks, it makes sense to buy from the hottest, most advanced handicapping service in the industry – Game Advisers.

No bettor, from the most advanced and experienced to the novice just starting out, is above going to a handicapping service to buy picks. Think about the amateur stock trader that takes care of his own portfolio rather than pay a financial advisor.

That guy subscribes to a number of different stock tips. That’s where he’s getting the information on which stocks to buy and sell. He’s doing the same thing in his industry. Buying sports picks isn’t any different. 

The biggest reason to invest in handicapper’s picks is time. Handicappers are professionals who pore through data day after day. They do the research and determine which games are the best to bet on. Most bettors have a day job and can’t take the time necessary to research a number of different bets in a given day.

The average bettor is much better off letting a service – like Game Advisers – do the work for them. Leave it to the professionals.

Why Game Advisers

Game Advisers are true pioneers in the handicapping industry. With insider data that most can’t get their hands on, Game Advisers has created a system that produces wins and profits. 

Picks are generated using artificial intelligence (AI) software that combines the data of professional sports bettors (sharps), in-house and expert handicappers, as well as real-time data, stats, and other pertinent information.

The service has documented results and believes in 100 percent transparency. Bettors can trust Game Advisers to generate quality predictions and do so with transparency. It’s a win-win for the industry and it’s why bettors can win more NFL bets with Game Advisers.